[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V6f2jKoRjA&feature=player_embedded] Oscar nominee Brad Pitt paid a visit to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans a few weeks ago and Ellen Degeneres came with and praised the 48-year-old actor's efforts. The dad-of-six is heading up a charity called 'Make It Right' - which he started after seeing the area was trashed back by Hurricane Katrina back in 2007.
Brad gets bashful: Brad Pitt gets embarrassed after being complimented by Ellen DeGeneres
What's LMAO-ful is that Brad pretends to be best mates with the locals in the Ninth ward and chums it up with them, name-checking them all in front of Ellen as they stroll through the area. "How YOU doin'?" he calls, Joey from Friends style as they wander through the area.
But, luckily Brad realises that just because he's the celebrity hire-a-face behind the project, that he shouldn't get all the credit for the good work: 'I’m getting far too much credit for this. This took a lot of very smart people coming in and attacking the situation. It took the families determined to come back [after Hurricane Katrina] and their resilience and they’re defining what this thing was going to be. 'I get far too much credit for bringing some really smart people together.'
Do-gooder: The 48-year-old actor has now built 74 homes in New Orleans
What he also should get good credit for is taking his unwashed wig out for a breath of fresh air. And the toupee sure looks all the better for the walk.
Great pair: Ellen came to visit Brad while he worked in the Ninth Ward
Explaining the lego-esque inspiration behind the houses, Brad says that one of the six children he has with partner Angelina Jolie 'draws pictures' of houses so often, that 'he' might even have a career in architecture.
Brad the mayor: The Moneyball star seems to know everyone in the neighbourhood
But whilst even I can't hate on the good work behind this project, I did promise that I would reveal more details about Brad and Angelina Jolie getting together as soon as i had fresh pictures of Brad. I said the other day that they slept with each other within three weeks of meeting each other on the January 2004 set of Mr and Mrs Smith.
Hugging it out: The actor really got to know the New Orleans residents
She used to give him blow-jobs in his trailer after Brad whinged that Jen had never did that for him. Angelina's response was that if she was married to him, that she would do that every day. Brad and her then met at the hotel L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills, where her mother Marcheline Bertrand lay dying of uterine cancer for regular hotel sex.
Lucky Brad: Pitt was given a kiss by Ellen Degeneres as they went for a walk round the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans today Brad told Angelina at the time that his marriage to Jen Aniston was officially over but that they were waiting for an opportune time to announce it to the public. This wasn't true- Jen thought the marriage was still on, and even asked Brad to his face if he was sleeping with Angelina per the rumors in the American tabloid press in March of that year and he lied to her face. In Mid-May 2004 I saw myself Brad and Jen arrive in the lobby of the Hotel du Cap for the Cannes film festival. He looked wiry in person and greeted Jack Black as they walked through the hotel lobby- fresh from their flight from LA. Pitt said: "hey man how are you?" and Black (who was sitting with Cameron Diaz, Meg White and Justin Timberlake drinking white wine) responded with: "Not bad man, but I need a dump".
Tragic: The city was badly damaged when levees at the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Canal broke
Brad and Jen (who looked prettier and shorter in real life) then carried their own bags down to the Eden Roc annexe of the five-star hotel. Pitt stayed for one night and then left and the next night Aniston was at a party on her own in the lobby bar of the hotel. Jen was holding court and looked pretty and not crazy skinny in real life as she talked to Uma Thurman and Mick Jagger. Will Smith was there doing a human beatbox surrounded by more bodyguards than anyone else in the room, Mick Jagger was hitting on Uma Thurman, Cameron was drunk again publicly marking her territory with Justin Timberlake. It was THE best night of my entire career from a Hollywood gossip point of view, and THEN Angelina Jolie walked in on her way to her room with her bodyguard at the time and a French photographer pal. Her bodyguard saw Jen meters away and pointed Angelina in the direction of the lift. She knew she was f-cking Jennifer Aniston's husband and saw her there right in front of her, `knew from Brad that Jen had asked Brad point blank if he was f-cking his co-star and he lied and she bolted. I saw it with my own eyes. If that was you and you weren't f-cking another woman's husband, wouldn't you front it out and go say hello, especially given that they were working together on Mr and Mrs Smith at the time?
Impressed: Ellen could not stop grinning as Brad explained the work his charity foundation was doing to help the area
It wasn't until December 2004 that Brad finally admitted to Jen about him and Ange. He had got a helicopter to Matthew Vaughn and Claudia Schiffer's place outside London shortly after landing in London from LA and Ange gave him an ultimatum. She said: 'Leave your wife for me and I will adopt a daughter immediately and try for a biological baby, or it's over'. Jen was staying at the Dorchester Hotel in London because she was filming in the city at the time. Brad flew back to London on December 17th and told Jen he'd lied and that he didn't have just "feelings" for Angelina Jolie, that he had cheated on her with the actress. Jen was devastated. They then flew to Anguilla with Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette and on Jan 7th 2005 came the joint announcement that the marriage was over.
Interview with the vampire: The comic seemed to enjoy chatting with the actor about the work being done in the area
And that, my friends, is exactly why Brad still this day wants you to believe he's such a caring, sharing person. I can't knock his work in New Orleans, but don't think for one second that he doesn't get anything out of it... because he does....
Thankful: Hospice worker Diedra Taylor gave Brad a warm embrace and explained she could not thank him enough
Happy families: Multiple generations of families wanted to thank the Moneyball star for pitching up the cash
Best medicine: Brad later looked very pleased after enjoying a swift half at the Tonique bar
Best medicine: Brad later looked very pleased after enjoying a swift half at the Tonique bar

About Jen Paul (BOHOMOTH)

Jenny Paul is a veteran showbiz reporter who is based in Cannes in the south of France. She has worked on major breaking news stories over the past decade and more for entertainment news outlets worldwide including: Us Weekly (USA), People magazine (USA), E! News (USA) ABC News (USA), The New York Post (USA), The Sun (UK), The Mirror (UK), The Daily Mail, (UK), The Mail on Sunday (UK) and many others too numerous to mention. She firmly believes that love, truth, hugs, dogs and the power of laughter make the world a better place.
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  1. rottencrotch says:

    Is it just me or does he have the look of someone who’s had a fair amount of work done? Anyway – great article as ever!

  2. Jameson says:

    This is the best article! I was on the edge of my seat, leaning in reading it. I love it!

    By the way, I was in New Orleans on a media trip this past October. We were taken all over the city over five days and there seemed to be more mention of where he has a home in the French Quarter than on the work he has done there. I was glad he helped bring the project to life in New Orleans but I did see and get to meet individuals who have done far more in other areas without the fanfare. meh, as long those in need get some help.

    • BOHOMOTH says:

      Thanks sweets. I’m V. lucky in that I have a crazily good Brange source and have been able to separate the truth from the lies as far as those two are concerned. It’s great that Brad uses his celebrity to draw attention to NOLA’s probs, but like with Ange, he’s just a face that flies in for publicity and whilst sure, that has it’s place, the real-life charity workers (who I’m in awe of) should get their proper kudus. xoxox

  3. whds says:

    Are they breaking up or staying together, you here so much stories about that? Was it true that jen and brad were in contact or was that just a rumor? How about Jen, is she getting married or pregnant?

  4. liv4 says:

    I too was entranced reading this. Personally, I think Jolie and Pitt have been over for a long time. I don’t see any real warmth or friendship between them. I think the public’s perception of Pitt will never fully recover to the place it was when he was with Aniston despite his so-called good works. They are certainly getting called out a lot lately for their nonsense.

  5. ItsAJ says:

    Everyone knew he cheated. But why did Jen not come out and say it publicly straight away? Why this statement: “”We would like to announce that after seven years together we have decided to formally separate. For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any of the speculation reported by the tabloid media. This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration.””?

    ps: Its Joey from Friends, not Jerry! lol

  6. Up the Coast says:

    He looks like SHIT! His hair and clothes are hideous! Doesn’t he have any real friends or business partners that care at all about his health and safety??? Is it his health? Is he withering away with an STD? Or is it simply that living with a Psycho has damaged his psyche…..and he’s in a deep depression? Something is not right with him. Jen’s friends seem to be rallying around him, recently. I’ll bet joLIE is pitching a fit about that, behind the scenes. Haha….I seem to be full of questions ;)

  7. Princessinnit says:

    Brad does not look good. Very skinny and tatty looking. Those 2 are very hard to like as a couple. This will be interesting watching when it implodes. Not pretty at all.

  8. Tetta says:

    It´s a great article about Brad and Angelina. To us who have followed different blogs it´s not any news that BP´s and AJ´s relation started earlier than what most people believe. As you. Bohomoth says above, Jennifer tried to save her face by not telling what she knew. She was already humiliated enough. Do yo have a “permission” from Jennifer to let this “news” be public by now. Perhaps she would have felt better if most people believed their story from 2005 as what you say make Jennifer looks very naiv.

    Bp is, in my eyes, a big a*s whole so he can´t sink further down. If it only was Brad who is a part of this I´m only glad if it´s spread who he really is.

    • LuxLisbon says:

      I don’t think it makes Jen look niave, she was married to Brad, she loved him and wanted to believe that he wasn’t cheating on her. I seems pretty normal and human to want to believe the best in our loved ones! Especially if our lives would implode if the opposite were true.

    • Lida says:

      Of course, Jan’s wanting to believe her husband was, by no means, naïve. You owe it to your partner in marriage to believe and to trust him (or her) and not the rumors. If my husband tells me that he is not sleeping with another woman – why would he lie, and not tell the truth? Why would he want to live with me, if he no longer believes he loves me? Because he is a coward and because he thinks no other woman, but me, would want him? No woman would immediately believe that a man she loves and is married to is such a low self-esteem piece of s**t. She’d asked him – they, as she thought, were friends – openly, and he told her (probably had put up a great acting job) that ‘those were vicious lies’, and she believed her man and was ready to stand by him. But he was what he had always been: and none of us knew that also. Only a very few people knew, and they too, wanted to believe that Jennifer had him changed. As for angie, she was after him from the moment they met on the set. He was her goal. But she has not seen the end yet.

  9. Tetta says:

    Sorry for the bad grammar !

  10. wckitty says:

    I agree with those that state that he doesn’t look well. His hair (or hairpiece) looks dirty and overall his looks remind me of a character named Billy Clyde Tuttle (I believe) that used to be on a soap opera a long time ago. The resemblance is not a compliment

    So, is what I have read at other sites true, in that he tried to get Jen back?

    • lil'olme says:

      yeah, I kinda want to know that too.

      I personally thought that the whole billy goat beard he was sporting was to hide some serious work he had done, possibly even reversal of a mistake. Besides, when he finally shaved it everyone was so thrilled to see the nasty thing gone, they didn’t notice that he suddenly looked 15years younger.

    • alliw says:

      yes! Billy CLyde Tuttle – From All my Children – great reference.

  11. tantricjustice says:

    Hey bohomoth, cool site!

    I like your site. You see right through all the BS don’t you? Esp with these two. They are not what they want the world to think they are that’s for sure.

    Any idea when they’re going to announce they are over? I know they are, and have been for a long time. Brad should know that he’s only hurting his chance for future success and respect from his peers by staying with her. What are your thoughts?

  12. Dee says:

    He is doing the ugliness on purpose. He thinks he’ll get better roles in movies if Hollywood could look past that “pretty boy” image he had. The thing is, he lacks the talent. His only acting chops in movies are “eating”, and using his hands while he speaks. Other than that, he’s boring. Moneyball was so boring, that my gay cousin who is a huge fan of Brad Pitt only gave it 2 stars.

  13. Up the Coast says:

    Why would anyone look that bad on purpose? Unless he thinks that if he looks horrible, joLIE will leave him. I hate to tell him, but they already cast the part of Joe Dirt ;) and all of his kids will be receiving a handwritten letter from joLIE….presented to them on her deathbed, that describes…to the penny, how much money he owes her and them :shock:

  14. Guestbitch says:

    Thanks, Bohomoth, for confirming what I already believed! Pitt is a dumb, selfish pr!ck and Voight is so horny she f*cked her own brother! Speaking of which, I have long believed that the “live-in boyfriend” her mother allowed her at age 14 (a man never identified in all these years) was James Voight. Any comment? :D

  15. Tetta says:

    Does anyone remember an interview with Angelina where they talk about Brad being very sexy. Angelina said “he has to stay sexy for me”. I often think of that comment when i see photos of Brad from today, looking dirty and ill. I think you are right UTC, it´s a way to make Angelina feel sick of him.

  16. WTF says:

    so if Jen wouldn’t give him bj’s ..does that mean her and John Mayer weren’t really a couple? Cause you know THAT boy is kinky….or did she loosen up as she got older? Questions…so many questions……

    • siska says:

      ha..ha…i think john mayer show her new tricks..thats why she keep coming back to him.remember she mention that she never felt sexier than when she is 40th..thats the age she met jm

  17. Up the Coast says:

    Yes….so many questions. And here’s another one….When Bradley had sex with joLIE, and he got her STD’s, did he give them back to her again when she blew him? And on…and on it goes ;)

  18. Tetta says:

    Asking her friends to do things together with Brad perhaps is Jen´s way to try to help Brad. She can´t or wouldn´t do it herself so she does it in an indirect way. I don´t know why she would help him but once she loved him. And she also seems to be a person with a warm heart. Maybe she tries to help six kids having a sober dad.

  19. Dee says:

    Basically everyone knows they screwed on Mam’s set. Everyone knows he tried denying it to his wife, and then later came clean. What everyone DOESN’T know is that Brad tried getting back together with Jennifer, pleading with her not to divorce him, telling her that he would go to couples therapy etc. He was seen many times during Jan-March of 2005, going to the house they shared. He even tried pursuing her by throwing the gigantic birthday party for her in February 2005. She was really considering taking him back, until private photographs arrived in her mail box, of Pitt and Jolie in a “compromising position” that had just taken place when they had to do re-shoots in March for Mams (you wonder where THOSE pics came from!!)…. That was the end for Jennifer. She filed divorce papers one week after receiving them. Brad was pissed and went on a vendetta against Jennifer……..by doing the “happy 60 family” W-shoot………w/Jolie. Also making it all sound that Jennifer wasn’t willing to have children, and her career was more important, and that is why HE left…………and HE still isn’t over it, all these years later, and that was evident by him trying to smear her once again, in the Parade interview…he’s very upset that she has found true love and is in a solid relationship…..The loons want to believe that this was just a love story, and it wasn’t. Pitt never left Jennifer to run to Jolie until AFTER, Jennifer filed for divorce. He was literally living at one of the producers of Mam’s residence NEAR Jennifer. What really happened was a man who was having a mid-life crisis had an affair. The mistress was working behind the scenes to push the wife into divorcing him, and then the mistress proceeded to get herself knocked up (while already adopting another child), a few months later to seal herself in his life. I don’t care how Jolie spins it , that their kids parents fell in LOVE. It wasn’t love. It was lust……..and then the man, who by the way has a HUGE ego himself got entangled into a web of lies and deceit……..and didn’t want to hear the “we told you so” from his peers/friends and family. So he basically has tried to make a whore into a respectable lady. The problem is, you can dress the whore up in designer duds, you can use the media to try to paint the relationship as you want others to see it, but in the end, the majority of the public can see through the manipulations. We, who don’t see them through rose colored glasses have seen the cracks in this “relationship” or what Forbes call them, a “corporation”.

    • canuck says:

      @Dee: I wouldn’t put it past Jolie to have sent pix, it’s a typical “Mistress who isn’t getting her way” move, that and phoning the wife up. I’m curious where you’re geting that info from though, I can’t say I’ve ever heard that particular bit of gossip before.

    • beta says:

      I agree with what you say except “the majority of the public can see through the manipulations”
      except this site, most of the gossipblogosphere & commenters are brangeloonatics. Im always struck in awe of their powerful media play.

      Thanks for the article bohomoth! I really enjoy a well written juicy gossip ;)

    • Lida says:

      Whether the details about the pics is true or not, this is one of the smallest things jolie would do to get what she wants. She is ill psychologically, and, it looks, bp had some of it in him and has really deteriorated since then… badly… She, too, looks pretty unhealthy – that shiny face suggests many deep peels, which had exhausted the healthy skin layers supply… I remember, when Jan had given him a chance, and it seemed they would pull through. Then, suddenly, it was as if something else happened that was not made public and Jan wasn’t telling… It was very visible that she was suffering, but she didn’t disclose what it was. Only her best friend had made a slight hint at it, but she wouldn’t talk either out of respect for Jan. Media had caught that moment, when she (Jan) found out something very disturbing to her, in a few pictures, taken of the two of them outside. That’s when Jan told him they were finished. In those pictures, he looked like a dog with his tail between his legs, and she was telling him something like “don’t come near me!”

  20. PsychoCat says:

    For all his faults, I’d still do him! I dunno, I find Jen A just as faux as the “we’re SOOOOOOOO loved up, so there mere mortals” Brange. I just think the Brange are two narcissistic people who found each other and look good together and that’s all that really matters to the two of them. Brad’s error in “Moneyball” was trying to channel Robert Redford. As much as I have the hots for him, he ain’t in Mr Redford’s territory talentwise.

  21. WTF says:

    sounds like a story thats happened to many a dumb man doesn’t it…..get a little on the side, regret it , then its too late to go back…and they added so many kids so fast , they were stuck. i dont’ think she respects him as a person….or him her. They’re only in it for the attention it brings….any press is good press cause at least they’re still talking about you. Neither of them are great at acting – they have brief moments then its like watching THEM on screen not the character they’re playing.

    As for STDs i shudder to think – herpes for sure i would think a huge number have it …maybe thats part of the reason the pedo goes for the disney kids…at least they start out clean . Its a cesspool for sure.

  22. Sylly says:

    Thank you for this! Great story, as usual. I love your first hand account of Cannes — thank you for that.

    As far as your sourced material, I find a couple of things a little hard to believe. For one, I can’t believe Aniston didn’t give Pitt a BJ now and then. Hell, none of us like that shit, but we all do it occasionally for our partner. Right? I find the scat play stories ring much more true to life. I’m also finding it a little hard to believe is that Pitt actually wanted to have children with Jolie. I mean, he’s had a permanent, “WTF” look etched on his face since fall of 2005. These two items sound like Jolie talking points to me, but, then, what do I know :)

    I remember that Pitt was in couples therapy, hanging out at Jen’s house, etc. for the first couple of months of 2005 — Dee’s comment corresponds with my recollections.
    Also — remember how furious Pitt was with Orlando Bloom for flirting with Aniston at the Troy premiere in May 2004? I’m still not sure why that would piss him off so badly if he were trying to get out of the marriage. Dog in the manger syndrome, you think? Or was he just faking it? He’s a better actor than I thought, if the latter is the case.

    I had never heard that Jen got anonymous pictures in the mail, but — oddly — I find that completely believable. Jolie was clearly furious that Pitt had no intention of going public with their relationship, judging by her attitude — damned papz weren’t doing their job! — prior to March/April of 2005. After those Kenya pix came out, she was walking around looking like the cat that swallowed the canary (among other things, if your source is correct).

    • Jemma says:

      To me, the whole BJ business is a guy trying to get BJs. He wants BJs in the trailer, so he tells Jolie that Jennifer never gives them. Magically, he gets them. Jennifer could have delivered every day for all we know but he got Jolie to do it.

      Something I remember reading at the time was that Jolie would actually call his house and ask for him, that she even called Courtney’s house while Brad and Jen were there and asked for him. I’m sure he told Jen it was work related.

      I’ve always liked Jen and she comes off as warm and funny. Jolie, on the other hand, feels PR manufactured. One minute she’s vampira, the next she’s brokering peace (aka buying a baby). Jolie got the ugly Brad that looks like he smells. And from the W photo shoot on, everything about them screamed slimy.

      Thanks Bohomoth for the story. I knew there was much more to the story than Jen’s summation of “he’s got a sensitivity chip missing”.

      • Guest says:

        Agree with you both re your additional details….this is my thought, knowledge and recollection as well.

        Great thread Bohomoth. Just wondering if you can clarify another aspect of this story that I’ve heard…that all through the first part of 2004 at least Jen and Brad were trying for a child as well (while he was boning Jolie on the side), and that Jen got pregnant around the time of Cannes and his Ocean’s filming, but then miscarried. I’ve also heard that this was her second miscarriage and that after that she wanted to take a breather on trying for kids for a bit (probably also due to her suspicions about Pitt and Jolie), but Pitt (insensitive as he is) was not in favor of this…which fits with why Jolie promising babies in late 2004 would be enticing to him. Any truth to any of this? I’ve always felt that the narrative that “Jen didn’t want babies” was set up to cast Pitt in a more favorable light and the media with it’s inability to recall it’s own previous print and television interviews with Jen and Brad, jumped on this painting it like Pitt was the one more obsessed with kids. Meanwhile, a review of their interviews during their marriage paints a very different picture…that of Jen being the one more interested in children, with Pitt only saying he was ready in 2004. I get the sense he is someone that when he wants something he wants it now and when he decided he was ready for kids, couldn’t cope with them having problems carrying to term. Again, any truth to this?

        Also, if any of this is true, I think it’s reprehensible that this narrative that Jen didn’t want kids was allowed to get out there…that would have to be a particularly cruel insult to bear, on top of everything else, to have yourself painted publicly as not wanting kids when the truth is you very much wanted/want them, tried very hard and lost a baby(s), and all the while your cheating husband is moving on to a ready-made family and knocking up someone else literally months later.

    • canuck says:

      Re: Bloom’s flirting. It would probably have pissed him off badly because by that point he had already realized how easy it is to cheat on someone who trusts you.

  23. just me says:

    It was also reported that AJ caught BP getting bj by a guy beside a pool.Don’t forget that Brad Pitt lived with a gay man before “Thelma and Louise”. BP being the spoiled, entitled wasp, mentioned that he was thinking of going into p-rn, if his career continued to go nowhere. His gay sugar daddy talked him out of it.
    BP uses people. Not only the NO people, for photoshops, but the gay community, as well. He made a self-aggrandizing statement about how he wouldn’t marry until everyone, (read, gays) can marry. He had the gays in the bag with that statement; or so he must think.
    He uses the females,as well. Latest I heard was that Jessica Chastain should run for her life!
    I personally don;t believe he can father children. He’s too feminine; not enough testosterone, imo!
    Before the oscar noms, there was a laughable news story that an unknown actor, almost in tears, went up to Brad Pitt, and declared that “Moneyball” saved his life! One wondered, what kind of life did this unknown actor have? And was he paid for his “wrenching confession”?

  24. just me says:

    Also, why would JA wanna reunite with BP? Would she have anything to do with his 6 kids? Wouldn’t she have a concern about his std’s? And the competition is getting harder as he’s nearing the half century. Just askin’!

  25. canuck says:

    Jolie was staying at Claudia Schiffer’s house? That’s kind of a random connection I wouldn’t have expected.

    So, he told Jen about Jolie because his intention was to leave her, or because he knew that either way she was about to find out? (re: the above comments about possible couple’s therapy).

    I’ve long thought that adopting a child (Zahara) who was born on the day after the separation announcement was no coincidence.

  26. winnyangel says:

    Yes. awful for poor Jen, she really got done over and handled it beautifully. I always understood (from other gossip websites) that it was not BJs Angie offered but anal rimming. I find it hard to believe Jen doesn’t do blow jobs. 1 guy asked me to do that and I was unequivocal in my negative response. He was really pissed off with me for refusing! I think he was secretly gay, like Pitt. Sorry for the grossness, but it’s the Brange not me. Great story B!

  27. winnyangel says:

    Ps. Russell Brand, In the delightful movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Says; “I cannot drink alcohol. If I have one glass of wine, by the end of the night I’ll be rimming the waiters for their tips and buying crack rocks.” Russell is basically playing himself and I’m sure that line was his own ad-lib. Interesting …

  28. BOHOMOTH says:

    Woah millions of comments. So, whether jen did or didn’t really give Brad blow jobs I don’t know, but that’s what he told Angelina is what I’m saying. And, i don’t think the marriage was at all over but that’s also what he said in early 2004. The Claudia Schiffer link came via Brad- her husband is Matthew Vaughn who was a producer on Snatch. Sooooo they knew before Jen about the affair. he finally admitted everything to Jen because he’d decided to leave her. He wanted kids and Ange had got Maddox to call him daddy when they were in a hotel on the Amalfi coast in Mid- November re-filming bits of Mr and Mrs Smith.

    • canuck says:

      Sounds like she had it all planned out. Any thoughts on why he was so desperate for kids “right now” that it became a negotiating point?

    • Guest says:

      Bohomoth, I get that Jolie used Maddox and kids to woo him, but Jen and Brad talked all through 2003 and 2004 about trying for a child, prepping a nursery…all of that. So is it true that they had problems getting pregnant or miscarried? I know Jen wanted/wants children…go back and look at any of her TV interviews at the time (especially ones with pregnant Courtney Cox) and you can see how much she wants it.

  29. Cal says:

    Thanks Bohomoth and posters for the interesting read.

    Years ago I used to think Brad was hot, but since AJ, she has managed to suck all the hot out of him. And for a long time I haven’t cared for his movie choices. I recently saw a cardboard cut out of him, it would appear the years of pot have taken a toll on his (once good) looks.

    Whilst he may have thrown JA under the bus then and now, she can console herself in all the $ she has made as a result of this on-going triangle tabloid speculation.

    • canuck says:

      That’s true enough, but one has to wonder if she might not have had more choice than Rom-Coms to make had she not ended up the “girl we all want to see get the guy in the end” due to how things went down.

  30. canuck says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d have had a lot more respect for the guy (and AJ) if they had just owned up to what really happened instead of pretending to be all “holier than thou”.

  31. lil'olme says:

    It’s odd to me that people liked her so much. (AJ) I remember when she threatened suicide and got Billy Bob to come get her from the phsyc ward. He was engaged at the time. Whoops? she has a history of manipulation. However, it doesn’t work if the man isn’t interested. I never thought Brad was much of an actor and while sometimes he is kinda hot, it isn’t enough to make up for the lack of talent. When he gets an Oscar, and he will, it will be soley because of the body of work not for a specific role. i.e. Lifetime honor

  32. Tetta says:

    Divorces and break up´s happen all the time. There is a numbered scale of what things make couples break up. Cheating is high on the scale and so are miscarriages. For couples who really want a child miscarriages are a hard thing to deal with. So from that perspective it wasn´t odd that Jennifer and Brad went separate ways. But after what we have read here it´s not the whole truth. Brad cheated with Angelina during the time BP and JA tried to get pregnant. It would be interesting to know at what time Jennifer had her first miscarriage and if Brad´s cheating began after that. if it was so we probably have the reason for their divorce. Brad couldn´t handle a miscarriage and turned to another woman. He really is a weak man and he continues to show us that by not being able to leave Angelina and by not taking care of his kids.

    • Guest says:

      Interesting take. Again, Bohomoth, do you have any info on if/when there were miscarriages? If it’s true she had one in late 2003, then that fits with Pitt dealing with it poorly and turning to Jolie in early 2004.

  33. WTF says:

    any truth to the rumours Jen cheated on him with some producer to get the role in Derailed – before they broke up…..thats one i’ve heard many time and never could get a handle on it?

    • wckitty says:

      I have never heard that rumor before. Not saying that it is not true, just that is a new one to me.

    • Stella says:

      That’s complete and utter rubbish. Jen never had an affair with Mikael Håfström for the part, he’s been happily married to Kelly Dennis for years!

      This is the first time I heard that rumor…..

      • WTF says:

        Um Stella ……that guy was the DIRECTOR…..a PRODUCER hun is different….and Harvey Weinstein produced this one

    • Tetta says:

      It´s an odd rumor. Strange that i haven´t seen it earlier since I belong to the group here who have followed Jennifer for many years.

    • spring says:

      Where did you read that WTF? I have never seen that rumor and I see many others here haven’t either.
      Seems like you pulled that out of your ass just to deflect the thread off topic and off the Brangelina cheating discussion. You seem to post off topic posts on a lot of blogs, perhaps trying to change the subject or trying to stir things up. We already saw you admit just a few threads ago to posting on FF to stir things up – “Hell i posted on FF before when THEIR posters were sure it was AJ posting. ”
      Not sure why you bother but based on that revelation I will never take anything you say seriously (not that I ever did).

      As for the other posters. Thanks for the posts and great discussion.

      • Up the Coast says:

        Yes, she must have pulled it out of her ass….I wonder if she found her head up there?

      • WTF says:

        Think what you like….i know i read it somewhere and i could give a rats ass about the Brand. Brad and Angie cheated =- thats a given. My point is stop trying to play it like Jennifer was some wounded victim – she was absent from her marriage as much as he was – they WERE not a great love story –

        I’m know i read it – could”ve been at CDAN – let me dig and i’ll get back to you.

        Oh and then i ‘ll go cry and yell at the ocean cause you don’t like me WAH WAH

    • Nahla says:

      I actually have heard that but then again men like to brag about things that never happened!

  34. Megusta says:

    I know this might be slightly off topic, but you said u have a pretty good brandgelina source and so that best the question, do you have an Aniston source as well? If so, what is the deal with Jennifer and Justin, bohomoth? Are they the real deal or no? Thanks. First time poster, I love reading your blog!

    • Megusta says:

      That BEGS the question, not bests. Ugh stupid typo.

      • Tetta says:

        Not first time poster, but still the question about Jennifer and Justin is interesting. I ask the same question as Megusta. Bohomoth, do yo have any reliable sources about J&J ? I´m so curious !

  35. just me says:

    Last year, Brad self-aggrandizingly proclaimed that he would retire in three years, (2014). I said to myself, “Yeah, right!” The woman is him will change her mind, just wait and see!

  36. Tetta says:

    Another question. Why is it so fun for adult people to make comments under different monikers or steeling someone´s signature to make comments. Many of us here follow the same blogs as this blog, Ianundercover and FF and “know” each other. Many time that´s fun. You don´t need to be so serious all the time and when you read a comment written by a “regular” you often know the background to that comment. Sometimes we go out of topic and discuss something that is not relevant for the post but it could be relevant for one poster who needs an opinion in a special question. After reading how WTF sometimes uses other signatures just to stir things up I feel that I must be very careful when I write a comment and don´t write something personal because I don´t know who i´m responding. Being anonomys perhaps is a big help in some blogs when you for some reason don´t want the other commenters to know who you are. But here it´s completely unnecessary. When you don´t feel comfortable at a place you stop going there. And to write things just to stir things up it sounds like we are back in kindergarten.

    • WTF says:

      yes Tetta you KNOW the girls from IUC don’t you……shall i post your emails to me on what you REALLY think of them??? I saved them all…and can i just say i have never seen such two faced people in all my life. You trash Mel then go to her site and suck up to her everytime she has a “triangle” post. You’re only here for the Brangelina posts….you follow each other from site to site looking to tell people the horrors of Angelina Jolie and rallying behind Jennifer as an angel.

      Do you really think she got movie roles like she did early on without a little help? they you’re all very very naive

      Pick on me all you like guys it bothers me not. I know many many things of what was said about a great deal of people on your “private ” little site. and i wouldn’t tell any of you one little secret. You guys are the joke of the blog world with your conspiracy, alien , voodoo stories.

      Bohomoth i apologize for bringing this to your site. But i’m tired of these bitches ganging up on me. I have as much right to ask questions as anyone else. Do i believe Brand and Ange are a couple -not for a second. Do i believe a comedic tv actress broke into movies as easlily as she did without the casting couch….not for a second.

      So the girls from IUC – stick it.

      To The other cool chicks here on Bohomoth – rock on great site…..love the fashion thats affordable and chic. And unless you ban me …..i’ll be here :)

      • Tetta says:

        Bohomoth! It isn´t fun to use your blog for this. But as the item is discussed here I really want to express what I think right here. I find your blog interesting and I´m impressed you are able to cover such a wide area. WTF is right about that I come here to read about Brangelina. All the other articles you write is an extra spice and when I visit your blog I read them too. I enjoy your threads about fashion very much and the gossip about other stars are also fun to read.
        First of all you can see the “” signs around the word know. These signs mean I know them as well as you can on an internet site. Actually I consider some of the posters at IUC as my friends wether you think it´s wrong or not. And yes, you and I exchanged some mails in the very beginning of my blog carrier. I thought we ended it with some grace and dignity, as two adults do. It´s no secret for my friends at IUC that we had this mail exchange so I don´t need to feel ashamed about it. To respond to your claim that I trash Mel I copied a post I wrote about Mel on IUC from last month. As IUC is a public blog it´s open for everyone. Perhaps Mel already has read it. I don´t feel ashamed over it and I don´t trash her. On the contrary in fact.
        “Tetta said on February 20th, 2012 at 5:50 pm
        As I remember Mel´s texts and our comments about them I don´t think we believed that Mel had made them up. But we discussed if they where real or not. We still haven´t any answer to that question. When you read something like these texts I find it very reasonable to be critical and try to find out who Mel´s sours or sources were. I have been learned to do some “source criticism ” when I read something that is odd and when I at the same time is supposed to believe what I read is true. I guess Mel had thought in a similar way. The reason I wrote my comment about Mel today was more nostalgia and that we can realize we don´t know so much more today. And that we who read her blog are able to laugh at ourselves when we were eager to read every new post.
        Mel did put the bar high. She was going to cover celebrity gossip, music and fashion and perhaps more thing. She was very generous when she promised us all good and fun things we were going to read at her site. I often wondered who is this person ? How old is she ? Is she qualified for
        this ? After some time it became long times between her posts. She admitted that she had to sell some of her scope to have money to survive. It´s first now when you tell me she is a journalist since ten years ago I got an answer to one of my questions. She was capable but failed. It happens to everybody too often. She made a second try and If I´m right she even did a third try. As I´m not familiar with the magazines in US I didn´t know what background she had. I thought it was sad she didn´t made it. It could have been a great site. But as always you must have the resources to do this blog. You must have money to invest. I guess you have to pay sources. And if it turns out that your sources not are reliable and you are out of money you must leave your plan and go out to work for some time. Sometimes life sucks. I wish Mel all luck in the future. I´m not out to stab her. Mel´s blog and the texts are history and maybe she is better prepared now when she has started a new blog. As I have been engaged in my own business I know it takes some time before debits and credits comply.
        When it comes to TGWTDT, no I havn´t seen it. I save it until a rainy day this summer. ”

        WTF, I don´t have your e-mail address any more since my old laptop crashed and I hand´t done any copy of all the stuff I had on it. But as you have my mail left you also have my mail address. If you want to tell me something more, please send a mail to me in private so we don´t have to use Bohomoth´s site for this discussion. I don´t have anything more to add so if it´s fine for you it´s fine for me.

  37. melissa says:

    @Tetta….Hi there! It’s Mel here! How are you? Celebzter is doing quite well actually. The fundamental reason that the first two sites didn’t work was directly to making poor decisions in terms of business partners and well, i’m a single girl and i do need to survive you know– it isn’t always easy doing this. But anyways, i’m trying to make Celebzter into a site that covers everything- not just Brad, Ange & Jen. To be honest, I’m so bored of them now and i think the guys here are doing an incredible job of covering things. For me, I want to write more about real life issues and do interviews. BUT i love coming here just as much as you do to get the scoop. And, NO, our sites are in no way connected.
    Best wishes

    • Tetta says:

      Hi Mel !
      It´s so fun to hear from you. I visit Celebzter every day and your blog is also great. As you could read in the copy of my comment at IUC I have nothing bad to say about you. I know how it feels when things don´t turn out in the right direction when it comes to work and economy. Most of us who still want news about Brangieston are tired of the “royal couple”. I can´t speak for all of us but I think we want to see some kind of end of the whole mess. Many of us are mothers ourselves and we wonder how life will turn out for the JP kids. And of cource we still wonder about Jennifer and Justin. If you read the comments on Ian´s site you know there are different opinions about if it´s real or not. We probably are a bit old fashioned as we want a happy ending for Jennifer. But I think I can talk for all of us when I say we understand how tired you are about Brangiston and that it´s hard to squeeze out any news about them.

      I send you a lot of hugs and once again I wish you Good Luck with your new blog. You have a lot of interesting things to read about. / Tetta

  38. melissa says:

    hugs to you too sweetheart :-)
    The girls are doing a great job here, aren’t they?

  39. BOHOMOTH says:

    Hi everyone, Hi Mel!

    Jen and Justin news coming soon (next few days, maybe next week)

    and I LOVE Mel’s site too and think she’s doing a great job. xx

    • Tetta says:

      Hi again Mel and Hi Bohomoth!
      You are all doing a great job and you have a grateful audience. The mix of all items you cover is perfect. Your blogs are like luxury magazines online. It will be interesting to follow both of you. I understand it´s a hard work to present new things every day. you have to take a couple of days off now and then. I also look forward to some details about Jennifer. Have a good time !

  40. Up the Coast says:

    Good Grief….There’s always a self-centered drama queen in every crowd ;)

    • Stella says:



    • Stella says:

      With you UTC, we walk together with him!


  41. Tetta says:

    Stella, may i walk together with you and UTC ? But who is “him” ? Is he someone high above us or is it the guy in this video ?


    PS I love the “thumb up” and the footsteps. I must find out how you do it.

  42. fffruitcup says:

    still waiting for even 1 link to the porking the producer story ‘heard many time and never could get a handle on it’. :P
    that cheap hotel/motel rumor must have gotten seriously stuck in one of whoreshine jolie’s fax machines. when it clears, we will read it at lainey.

  43. Keys says:

    O.k. there was a Herp list on the web, listing the celebs that were know to have the STD Brad was on it for years. Angie probably had it because Johnny Lee has it and it’s not as if she didn’t mess around plenty if not she sure has it now…
    As for the happy family, I doubt it’s all that happy there is something wrong with one of the twins and for some reason they are keeping it very quiet. Personally I hope they marry, they deserve each other.

  44. just me says:

    This reminds of when Rosie would feign a girlish crush on Tom Cruise. Then, later, Oprah Winfrey treated Lil’ Tom in the same manner, even letting him mess up her couches.
    Now, it’s Ellen’s turn, and Brad is standing in for Tom.

  45. just me says:

    My opinion is that Brad goes for the dirty look to deflect from his womanliness. His body is looking more and more like a woman’s. His face still has that feminine look despite the beard on his face. That, in my opinion, is why lesbians are drawn to him, like they were drawn to Lil Tom.
    Angie is probably well aware of it, and was intrigued at first. Then, the novelty wore off.

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  47. Nahla says:

    As someone who actually knew people in Hollywood once upon a time, out of lucky coincidence, I think all your readers need to know your source is bs. Absolute nonsense. Nobody knows factually about private conversations between people except the people who were there. Even if they tell their friends, nobody ever truly knows if they were told the truth (as if nobody brags, especially in Egowood).

    There is no way any source can know these things for certain, not this detailed and not this personal. Celebrities are not stupid, they don’t tell the deeply intimate stuff to just anyone. Although if this makes you all feel better about yourselves, there is nothing I can do to stop you from believing it.

    From my accounts she (Angelina) used to be very haunted, but improved slowly after years of professional help (therapy) and has in fact gotten her act together, is a classy woman and does NOT give it away easily at ALL since a couple of years before she even met Brad.

  48. Act Addicted! says:

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