So in love: Kate Winslet and boyfriend Ned RockNRoll shop together in Central London on Saturday
Kate Winslet was out and about with joined-at-the-hip boyfriend Ned RockNRoll in London on Saturday. I'm sure you have scratched your head and laughed at his name, which he changed from Ned Abel by deed poll a few years ago. Want to know why he did it?
Casual: Winslet looked far from her movie star persona in a leather jacket, leggings and battered bootsThe UK has had an 'old boys network' terribly snobby and elitist way of operating for years. It's all what school you went to as a kid and what your surname is rather than talent, has been for years and probably always will be. If you're born into certain moneyed families and went to, say Eton, there are some people who will employ you based on that. I can tell you, 'What prep school did you go to?' is a question asked at dinner parties by people pushing forty and beyond. Which is why, Ned, who is Richard Branson's (new, rather than old money) nephew changed his name to RocknRoll. It was a way of making a stand against that particularly ridiculous British tradition of judging a person by their surname.
Brave: The 36-year-old ventured into Oxford Street on a busy Saturday - which many Londoners would go out of their way to avoid
Of course Ned, 33, can afford not to have to trade on the family name because his Uncle Dick has given him a job as a Virgin Galactic exec. so he doesn't have to. But, whatever, I get the point and so does Kate Winslet, 36. She is severely dickmatised by Monsieur RocknRoll and believe you me, this year we will be seeing an engagement announcement and hearing the pitter-patter of tiny RocknRoll feet.
Still going strong: The couple have been inseparable since meeting at Necker Island last AugustWhat's interesting is that whilst privately, the Bransons are p-ssed off at Kate for taking all the credit for rescuing Richard's mother during the fire that destroyed much of their beloved Necker island last year, publicly, they're LOVING having the Oscar winner in their clan, because she's giving the Virgin Galactic project which promises to fire mega-rich punters into space for three hours at $250,000 a shot muchos publicity. Which begs the question- is the addicted-to-love Titanic star being used?

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  1. Kristy says:

    “Which is why, Ned, who is Richard Branson’s (new, rather than old money) nephew changed his name to RocknRoll.” – or he’s just a dickhead. It’s a fine line.

  2. Daria says:

    This won’t end well just like her other two marriages. I loved Kate since Jude and Hamlet but in the last 4/5 years, mostly since she moved to NY she has given into the Hollywood-lifestyle and image, changed her styling into a bland fake tanned LA blonde, forces herself into too tight dresses and her film projects aren’t as intriguing and courages as they used to be. Enough with suburban housewife roles.

    • LuxLisbon says:

      Yes, she was incredible in her early roles. I loved her Jude. You can still see flashes of that though in films like The Reader.

  3. WTF says:

    i could never date a man with that last name……or take him seriously

  4. cuius says:

    …and try not to be photographed from the rear with an ass like that…leave it to Madge.

  5. Jemma says:

    Help me here, Kate didn’t rescue the grandmother? All those stories and she didn’t rescue her? Who did?

    And yes, this will not end well. I want to think Kate is smart enough to know that.

  6. LuxLisbon says:

    She really seems to fall thunderbolt, rainbows and butterflies, soul mate type in love doesn’t she? It doesn’t seem to work out well for her though. She’ll be like Ulrika soon with god knows how many kids each with a different guy. I like her, despite her protests of ‘I’m just a humble, normal English girl, just like you.’

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