While Shiny gets to grips with the droves of teenagers, wannabes and grown women in short tight dresses at the Kids’ Choice Awards, we felt it necessary to rip Chloë Stevens Sevigny a new one for her latest adventure in hurting our eyes on the red carpet.

Pop culture’s eclectic darling, Chloë seems to makes it her business to illicit WFT winces with her red carpet get-ups, while still managing to remain a solid fashion A-Lister. We j’adore every second of her on-screen performances but her style choices often leave us speechless. Yes, that’s US speechless.

Her most recent public appearance only furthered our confusion as to why the fashion industry is so enamoured with her and Open Ceremony let her unleash her ‘taste’ on a collection.

We didn’t think Chloë could outdo the style hiddy-ocrity of her usual choices, but she proved us wrong at Jeffery Fashion Cares 2012 event at the Intrepid Carrier in New York City.

Someone please interrupt this girl when she's getting dressed.

The fugly-ness of this Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 ensemble knows no bounds. The ’90s raver/ ‘Girl, Interrupted‘ look is unfortunately making a comeback. Jeremy Scott showed ’90s inspired club wear for Fall 2012. Be warned.

If you are new to Sevigny’s interpretation of personal style, here are her WFT highlights of recent:

Colonel Sanders meets Little Lord Fauntleroy in Chanel

MY EYES, MY EYES! Open Ceremony is above those shoes. Sevigny missed the mark.

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Aisling is an Irish fashion, pop culture and lifestyle writer whose work can be seen in Harpers Bazaar, The Atlantic, The Daily Mail and The Independent's Irish edition and many others. With a unique sartorial perspective, she strives to translate high fashion and street style into accessible looks - and savage often ridiculous celebrity stylings as a matter of public service.
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  1. prttynpnk says:

    Shelby really manages to pull from the bottom with designer collections, doesn’t she? Who knew we’d miss the later day saints braid!

  2. prttynpnk says:

    Thanks autocorrect, that’s “she” not Shelby…sorry.

  3. LuxLisbon says:

    Aww I still love her. More interesting than many of the other boring clone zones.

    • Joe also love her. I just want so bad for her to turn the ‘different’ down just a notch or three.

      • LuxLisbon says:

        Yeah, she is quirk overload sometimes. But, I think that’s a hard look to pull off without looking completely contrived like Zooey Deschanel for example.

      • LuxLisbon says:

        I know they are not the same style but Zooey tries to be the hip NY gal about town and it’s a bit too by the book. Chloe pulls that off I reckon.

      • LuxLisbon says:

        Zooey is certainly proof of what a stylist, some hairdye and a blunt fringe can do for a girl. I saw her in a film from 2002, I think it is called ‘All the real girls’. She was a real plain jane before, I couldn’t believe it was her.

  4. MildredFierce says:

    Seconding that , shiny; she’s often pleasingly idiosyncratic but too often over eggs the fashion pudding.

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