Confused. Confused by feelings of respect for Victoria Beckham. This is her second cover for Harper's Bazaar in the same month, the other being for the UK May edition, where she lounges around in couture swimwear and bangs on about representing the average woman. Yawn. So we were delighted to see Beckham's super fashion-forward cover and editorial for Harper's Bazaar China for their May issue - a striking and interesting departure in ugly-pretty, and not the usual pissed off buttah face in a pretty dress she usually parades from car to building. Normally Victoria over styles and starves herself to look as perfect as she can from any given angle for her friends, the papparazzi. Even given her foray into fashion 'design', she rarely sports edgy, risk-taking clothing, hair or make-up. This is the first time we've seen Posh let anyone throw caution to the wind à la Anna Dello Russo and be styled in a truly fashion forward way. The Queen of Scowl-tland looks uncharacteristically beautiful and interesting from a fashion perspective in this editorial.  The juxtapostion of a hard exterior in the accessories and make-up,with a soft (and oddly pretty) interior in Vicky's face makes for some intensely satisfying photograpy by Chen Man. Bad posture and wind swept hair really do Victoria justice. Who would have thought that elements normal people struggle with on a daily basis would yield such an accessible version of our favourite love-to-hate celebrity. Let's hope she works that for the paps and start to actually enjoy fashion for a change.

About Aisling O'Connor

Aisling is an Irish fashion, pop culture and lifestyle writer whose work can be seen in Harpers Bazaar, The Atlantic, The Daily Mail and The Independent's Irish edition and many others. With a unique sartorial perspective, she strives to translate high fashion and street style into accessible looks - and savage often ridiculous celebrity stylings as a matter of public service.
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  1. BOHOMOTH says:

    I like. Love even. Questions. Why isn’t Harper’s Bazaar China called HB Nippon like the Vogue one and, I reckon we now know why Vicky called Harper the baby Harper. It was to secure this cover. To Kill A Mockingbird my arse.

  2. serendipit4 says:

    Worryingly Goth!

  3. Shana Davis says:

    Absolutely love the first one. Think her jaw has been shaved down on the left 1 mil too much – artistic decision fail – makes it unreal. Fantastic though. Triumph in colour, shade and light would like to see the original. Prob better. Have to keep the human!!!!

    We’re living in the era where Western fashion is going to take a backseat and Chinese (watch out and embrace) and Japanese designers (all of Asia – Indian designers??) is going to blow our minds. The big houses are falling – and if your beloved K*unterfield is any indication – behind the times. Re-Enlightenment?

  4. LuxLisbon says:

    Didn’t she look similar to this when ‘duetting’ with that impresario Dane Bowers?

  5. LuxLisbon says:

    A quick google say’s no, she didn’t. So, dunce’s cap for me now. But, looking at her with the red hair is jogging something in my tired mind.

  6. When I first saw the top cover I thought it was Emily Blunt trying to smile. Nothing against her, I like her, but she now owns the upside-down smile Alicia Silverstone left unclaimed since 1997. Oh yeah Posh looks smashing.

  7. Shana Davis says:

    Have a correct – meant 2nd photo – first one is a sick fuck animae illusion made for a very thin, lomg pillow

  8. MildredFierce says:

    I can’t climb on this bus. Even with all the gang on board. Don’t.Encourage.Her.

  9. Shana Davis says:

    Oh, Go MildredF – NO WIRE HANGERS on her

  10. MildredFierce says:


  11. MildredFierce says:

    ..and clocked the nicely blended cocktail of praise +reservation shiny just fear any praise whatever is but grist to the woman’s mill. Mill here functioning as a sorta metaphor for ego. You get the picture.

  12. Shana Davis says:

    Very well said, MildredF. The ego and the mother is an incredible Pandora’s Box. V expected something else from her life. And I just get this sense of over-achiever and, in the flux of children, fame, and BuLLSHIT what happened to me.


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