I was just talking about Madonna and Lourdes the other day and saying that Madge has a whole lotta trouble on her hands. And, here she is mucking about backstage in one of her mum's stage costumes. -Do you think Madonna knew she took this picture?- I don't and it has playful mocking written all over it. Wouldn't you love to overhear a hormone-charged and resentful at missing out on spending summer in New York smoking with her hipster mates because her mum made her go on her world tour so she could keep an eye on her having a sulky pop at Madonna? - I bet their bitch fights are something to behold. She's one of the few people in the world who can tell Madge straight what she thinks. Try as Madge might (I'll never forget when she showed a glimmer of human-ness a few months back and sighed: 'I'm just a single mum trying to do the best job I can') to keep Lola on a short leash with Kabbalah, a no TV at home or Christmas presents rule and a strict education at the Lycée Français in London before they moved to New York I can't help but look forward to seeing what her daughter gets up to once she's free of the shackles of her mother. The progeny of Ms. Ciccone and her personal trainer at the time Carlos Leon (despite flying back and forth to Las Vegas whenever she was ovulating in an attempt to get knocked up by Dennis Rodman first) was never going to be docile and obedient as she hit her teens. First up? Lourdes, please, write a tell-all book.  

About Jen Paul (BOHOMOTH)

Jenny Paul is a veteran showbiz reporter who is based in Cannes in the south of France. She has worked on major breaking news stories over the past decade and more for entertainment news outlets worldwide including: Us Weekly (USA), People magazine (USA), E! News (USA) ABC News (USA), The New York Post (USA), The Sun (UK), The Mirror (UK), The Daily Mail, (UK), The Mail on Sunday (UK) and many others too numerous to mention. She firmly believes that love, truth, hugs, dogs and the power of laughter make the world a better place.
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  1. Kristy says:

    Trying to have a baby with Dennis Rodman! You’re joking, right? Right?

    • BOHOMOTH says:

      No, not joking! She really, really was! *gags*

      • Shana says:

        Oh, Fuck me, NO. Thank Leon found that gateway. He seems mildly normal. Would never comment on raising teenagers as I’m not there yet but I watch and learn. Good parenting LUCK Madonna. Time together is the key.

  2. Jameson says:

    Oh yeah, I remember that whole Dennis Rodman time, apparently he doesn’t like to go downtown. ;)

    I think Carlos was far better for baby purposes.

    • BOHOMOTH says:

      Very true. Especially as the two men have got older! Dennis now is erm, interesting as my mum would call it.

  3. Angelinaballerina says:

    Does old mads actually have any friends? You never see her just meeting up with anyone sounds like a very sad existence

  4. sylly says:

    That first pic is hilarious. You called it, Boho. That one is going to run her mom into the ground before she’s done. I think she’ll get what she wants in the end. I mean, Madonna, of all people, should know better than to try and make your kid conform to your values.

  5. twiggy twiggy says:

    Any progeny of Madonna and Dennis Rodman would be the new Antichrist.

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