Happier and healthier: Demi Moore looked stylish and relaxed as she stepped out with a group of friends on the anniversary of her split from Ashton KutcherDemi Moore is pointing at the person who just had a fresh round of plastic surgery to celebrate turning fifty last week.

And, yesterday it was exactly one year since she officially split from husband Ashton Kutcher after he told her that he slipped on the bathroom floor of his hotel suite in Vegas and when he landed was shocked to learn that his penis had accidentally inserted itself into the lady garden of some 22-year-old blonde.

This was of course, Sara Leal, who after scrubbing Ashton’s love juice out of her hair, rushed to the LA bureau of Us Weekly to tell-all (with some hilarious little details) in return for a few thousand dollars.

Acting career: Though Demi hasn't found a new love yet, she's been throwing herself into her work and landed a role in Very Good Girls

Which must have been all the more humiliating for Demi, because they’d had a cheating agreement in place for some time which was the oh-so-dangerous you can diddle another woman’s skittle so long as I’m there and I get a fiddle too.

I suppose the thinking was: The couple that does threesomes together stays together tra-la-la. My opinion is- you’re sending your husband a loud signal that it’s fine for him to cheat when clearly you’re not OK with it.

Boho girl: The 50-year-old star looked much younger than her years as she enjoyed a day in the park

Still, the new lip injections aren’t really helping matters.

Demi needs to really get cracking on the bagging one of Madge’s manchild’s friends to play with plan.

Moving on: The Hollywood star seemed to have overcome her struggles and looked much healthier on the day out

Anyway, her and Ashton’s PRs are at least on talking terms, because they’ve come to an agreement to keep their names officially together on the charity they formed when they were together which has been renamed and has now ‘redefined’ it’s mission.

It was called the DNA Foundation, which people no doubt thought was something to do with paternity testing and it’s not (it’s about protecting kids from sex trafficking) so it’s now known as THORN.

Presumably to remind Ashton that he’ll always be one in Demi’s side.

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  1. Freak on a Leash says:

    I look at this bitch and I feel sad. :/

  2. Sassy says:

    those pants are falling off her ……it is sad

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