Many years ago, there was this band called Fleetwood Mac (ugh they're touring next year as well, mum- in case you're reading) and now for some unknown reason their singer Stevie Nicks has stepped forward to tell Robert Pattinson to expect Kristen Stewart to sleep with married film directors at least another two or three times.

The ageing hippy said: "I was her age once, and exactly what happened to her happened to me two or three times, and whoever it was that I was with forgave me all two or three times." Ha. 'Whoever it was I with with'- you didn't need names to play back in the 70's, eh, Stevie? She added: "The fact is that when you're young and you've been in a relationship for a long time and something comes along that is a little bit overwhelming and magical, and you're kind of in another situation with someone else ... Things happen." 'By 'magical' she means the opportunity to get it on in the back of your Mini Cooper, by 'overwhelming' she means your knickers sliding off as he goes down on you and 'things happen' she means a pap jumps out of the bushes and the photos end up all over the internet. (My personal fave is where the old perv's fantasising about doing her up the birthdays and Christmas only in the middle of the three pics above bet he had a Tommy Tankathon in the shower that night). Stevie added: "I really always want to say to people, 'People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.' It's not anything the rest of us haven't done. "If what they have is that special they can overcome it, then good for [them]." Can I just add here that I have done a lot of things in my life that might be deemed unsavoury (note to self: yeah you have, bless your filthy cotton socks) but whenever the urge to cheat on my boyfriend's come over me, I've informed him in advance that I feel we should go back to going friends before getting fifty shades of lest said soonest mended by someone else. Maybe it's just me being old-fashioned but humiliating my loved ones ain't top of my to-do list.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PR relationship. Nothing more to say. Tabloids are preparing the break up with “Rob doesn’t trust in her”. Predictable.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Yeah, listening to Stevie Nicks about how to conduct a relationship is like listing to Stalin about how to be culturally sensitive.

  3. jojo says:

    As I remember Stevie Nicks she put so much coke up her nose it collapsed ….sure a great role model.

  4. Boadaciousbetty says:

    Oh, oh, hahahahahaaaaaaa!

    “doing her up the birthdays and Christmas only”

  5. Gabe says:

    Christine Perfect and Stevie Nicks were 2 of my heroes and I understand completely where Stevie is coming from, having run 2 boyfriends a couple of times decades ago pre-AIDS; one posh, the other dirty. If men can do it, why not women?

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