Je t'aime: Scarlett Johansson and her French lover Romain Dauric share a sweet kiss on the streets of New York on Wednesday
Scarlett Johansson really is now with French "creative executive" (which probably means in reality doing precisely f-ck all I expect) Romain Dauriac and they were happily snogging in front of the paps in New York yesterday.
Early risers: The couple were spotted leaving their hotel before venturing out into the Big Apple for breakfast
I had kind of thought Romain was a bit of a munter given the photos that have been doing the rounds of him online but now I can see exactly what Scar-Jo sees in him.
Casual style: Scarlett wore jogging bottoms and trainers, matching her boyfriend's style with a puffer jacket and shades
He's got big feet, big ear lobes and a huge trouser bulge and they're all fail-proof ways of telling certain things about a potential lover and I'd bet good money that he's hung like Jay-Z and knows his way around a woman's body. I expect Scar-Jo's also fallen for the accent (it doesn't do it for me - not that I'm some boyfriend connoisseur) and he'll already be telling her non-stop how much he loves her and getting moody when she doesn't say it back - with lots of heated arguments which are actually foreplay it's just she won't know that.
Blossoming romance: The couple have been quietly dating for the past few weeks after being introduced through friends
I love how Scarlett's gone through men like matchbooks when she's in between movies over the past eighteen months.
She's like: 'Keep your twee weddings girls, I'm busy having hawt sex with a steady stream of lovers whom I dump when I tire of them'. I bet that Blake Lively and Jessica Biel are looking at their empty work diaries and Ryan and Justin snoring beside them in bed and seething with twinges of jealousy.

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  1. jojo says:

    Oh no, they’re getting worse and worse….

  2. Gabi says:

    His pants are too short, and not in a fashionable way. I wouldn’t deal with that!

  3. Sassy says:

    yah he looks douchey

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