Hush now baby: Katie Holmes soothed her crying daughter Suri as the pair left a New York office building together on Tuesday
Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I'm a cold-blooded creature.
After moving permanently to the fairly clement South of France from Britain almost fifteen years ago mainly because of the weather, I still feel cold in my house with the central heating on and several heaters plugged in as well at this time of year. New York City is freezing at the moment (well, 3°) and it's making me shiver seeing this photograph of six-year-old Suri Cruise wailing as she leaves an office building at night with her mother, wearing nothing on her legs and a short skirt - which is presumably what she wore to school that morning.
Mommy's here: Katie provided the tearful six-year-old with some comfort as she held on tight to her daughter's hand
What's wrong with Katie? - I wore tights to school when I was her daughter's age and with a meeting to attend after picking her up, she could have easily packed a warmer outfit for her to change into. What's worse is that she's smiling for the photographers, rather than going back into the building, calming her child down, taking her own coat off and wrapping it around Suri and scooping her up and into their waiting car. Stand out: Suri was the only one dressed in pink, while her pals and her mother went for more muted navy and black I've had a look at Suri's school The Avenues school uniform policy and tights and trousers are allowed for girls- as you can see from her talking to some classmates earlier in the day. I'm sure Little Miss Cruise insists on choosing what she wears in the morning and I used to constantly battle with my own little darling who'd refuse to wear a coat when it was freezing outside and when he did, he'd continually leave it at the school, but you have to let the tantrum go over your head and force them to wear what you want them to anyway. Come along, little one: Katie ushered Suri into their car before the mother and daughter duo made their way home together Because if you don't, as well as ending up in bed with a cold and feeling very un-festive which is very boring for them, they walk around the city looking like this - which doesn't make for a very PR-friendly photograph with Tom Cruise and $cientology Inc. watching like hawks and taking notes so they can outdo Katie when it's their turn to have Suri.  That noise you can hear is Tom dressed in a fur-lined Santa suit riding into NYC on a heated sleigh to pick Suri up and whisk her off to California for some sunny photo ops to coincide with his two movies hitting cinemas over Christmas.

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  1. jojo says:

    You’re so funny, actually it’s unseasonably warm here but it has been damp. Suri should be wearing tights anyway I hate those short socks in the middle of winter they just don’t look right.
    But Katie always looks stressed…wonder if she’s still in that $35,000 a month apartment that would do it for me…

    • BOHOMOTH says:

      Me TOO! I’d love that apartment (once it had been refurnished) and a tasty monthly income from $cientology, coughs, I mean Tom for life. I’d go and live on my own private island most of the year and kick back with some friends, drinking those cocktails in coconuts.

  2. Shiny says:

    Cute socks, though.

  3. Boadaciousbetty says:

    That picture you just painted of Dainty Tom made me chuckle out loud :P

  4. AMC says:

    Your description of Tom (and his team) sweeping in and taking advantage of Katie’s bad PR is so on point!
    Which makes me think that not only Suri and Katie has been coddled too much and for too long and good decision making has been left to others until now (her dad or Tom – take your pic).
    Katie seems over her head (professionally and personally) and instead of launching her projects (fashion line, stage performances, etc) she probably should have taken a break after the divorce and went to OH with Suri.
    It would have a risk to take the break and try and come back, but all of her efforts up until now have be lukewarm at best. (IMHO)

  5. Ruth says:

    Suri ging schon als kleines Mädchen mit nackten Beinen durch den Winter. Sie ist daran gewöhnt. In England habe ich oft Mädchen gesehen, die im Winter zum Rock keine Strumpfhosen getragen haben. Es ist wohl eine Frage der Gewöhnung und des persönlihen Tempraturempfindens.

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