Two looks from K-Stew a day is too much for my sensitive disposition. You see I don't like her personally but I endeavor to comment on her fashions should find them interesting. After multiple screenings in the Big Apple, On The Road finally premiered at the SVA Theater in New York City last night. And did K-Stew ever interest me. From the top, the hair and make-up was veritably perfect - by her usual standard. I don't understand what she's suddenly so happy about. On The Road hasn't gotten a lick in the SAG and Golden Globe nominations. So any chance of an Oscar nod is out the window. I digress. In tandum with her look of the previous night at the private screening of the movie, K-Stew went for another almost-completely-exposed-underwear look. Where her catwoman-temptress Catherine Malandrino PVC bra and mini look translated well to Stewart's new 'I think I'm sexy and I think I know it' outlook, I'm on the fence with the virginal version of the same look by Erdem. This satin bra and high waisted shorts, under a sheer embroidered sheath (which was all ice blue satin at the back) was gorgeous on the Spring 2013 runway. The Twilight bratress took the hem up to the very upper thigh, losing the class factor and leaving her looking like a teenager looking for attention. I would have been flinging compliments K-Stew's way had she kept that lower knee-length. It's a stunning look. As Kristen wore it - although she looked fresh and youthful - it looked ridiculous at that mini length. If she's going to do that sheer'n'short, she needs a long sleeve to stop it going to slutsville. I could have even born the brunt of that neon Louboutin pump, had she not shown so much leg. I will say that she looked like she felt confident in the dress and often with a risky look, that is half the battle. But it's just too short for a dress without a sleeve. Posing gleefully with actual fashionista, Kirsten Dunst (in a gorgeous navy tailored coat-dress), I think she overdid the positive attitude. The world might be ready for a naked Kristen Stewart but perhaps we're not able for her giving the press a thumbs up.

About Aisling O'Connor

Aisling is an Irish fashion, pop culture and lifestyle writer whose work can be seen in Harpers Bazaar, The Atlantic, The Daily Mail and The Independent's Irish edition and many others. With a unique sartorial perspective, she strives to translate high fashion and street style into accessible looks - and savage often ridiculous celebrity stylings as a matter of public service.
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  1. Shameless_Plug says:

    For me, 1 word: hotfuckingmess x

  2. Charlotte says:

    Such a trashy Barbie-like mess. Awful in every sense with the greasy face, lulu brushing too short length that makes her look even more knock-kneed, snug fit that highlights her lack of waist, shoes that are too big and painfully stiff posing. Total fail.

  3. Sassy says:

    i noticed the too big shoes as well……like a little kid playing dress up in mommy’s clothes

  4. Guinnessgrrl says:

    Hot tranny mess

  5. IHopeYouKnow says:

    Ill fitting shoes. Undergarments and dress way too effing small, greasy ass face and makeup that is smudged…need I go on?

    When will she just go away??

  6. Suzanne says:

    Such a pretty and unusal outfit the designer must be weeping, even if they did loan it, because she wrecks it. The shoes! What were they thinking. Dayglo orange with pale blue satin and lace. I know it’s hard when you have a long legged model to be compaired against but again it’s a case of almost but not quite.

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