Oh bollocks. I admit defeat. The phenomenon known collectively as Haylor might not be just a publicity stunt.

They spent the weekend in Utah with Taylor’s brother Austin at the Canyons Resort in Park City and are reportedly off to Australia together this week.

Haylor... on the slopes! Taylor Swift and Harry Styles stop for a spot of lunch having lunch at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

I think that with all the recent mutual introducing to families that it has to be a real relationship as I’m sure that they wouldn’t go to that trouble if it was all for record sales.

Haylor... on the slopes! Taylor Swift and Harry Styles stop for a spot of lunch having lunch at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

The fact that it’s got so serious so fast makes me go back to my original theory- which is young Harry was taught a great deal in the sack by his very own Mrs. Robinson Caroline Flack and is taking advantage of the fact that having an American girlfriend makes arch-enemies The Wanted assume he’s getting loads of great head.

(In England, there’s an oft’ held view amongst British males that American women give incredible blow-jobs compared to their British counterparts but make terrible wives, so the aim is to have American girlfriends when you’re sewing your wild oats but to go on to marry a Brit when you want to settle down. Don’t ask me who started this rumour- probably one of The Beatles).

Haylor hit the slopes! Styles and Swift were spotted on a romantic skiing break in Utah in this picture posted to Twitter

Which means that when 18-year-old Harry gets bored of Taylor, 23, having introduced her to the joys of rimming, back door action and her own g-spot, that Little Miss. Swift is going to write a killer heartbreak album unless she’s already cunningly swapping her birth control pills for tic-tacs and we’ll see a shotgun marriage for these two in 2013.

I sort of love the idea of a baby Haylor, but I’m not sure Harry’s mum (who’d end up looking after it) would be so keen…

Bag it up Harry, bag it up.

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  2. Bupple says:

    It’s ‘sowing’ your wild oats. As in sowing your seed. Not as in embroidery.

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