Aw. Not only has Rihanna’s own personal Jesus Chris Brown spent much of the past week being rightly hated on for beating the crap out of Frank Ocean, now he has been reduced to tears in public. By a girl.

The sad smiley on the jacket Ri Ri chose to wear on Sunday night sums it all up perfectly.


Long story short- Rihanna and Chris went clubbing at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles on Sunday and ran into Karrueche Tran who was with another guy.

Immediately a scene out of the Jerry Springer Show erupted and, finally realising people don’t like it when he expresses his feelings of frustration at his inability to form a coherent sentence with his fists, Chrissy-poo left the club with tears streaming down his face.

I’ll pause while you laugh and hope Karrueche told Chris to his face that he’s crap in bed and that no, one minute on the job, then five of sobbing and apologising isn’t okay and she was only ever with him so she could go on shopping sprees on his black Amex card while he was out boffing other women behind her back.

Rihanna, of course, then summed up the situation with this tweet: “F—ing problems.”

She should have said something like: ‘I wanted a knight in shining armour and all I got was this lousy box of tin foil’  but whatever, the sooner she realises he’s just with her to get famous and liked by the public again and he really wants to be with Karrueche, the better.

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