The ever-astute JoJo mentioned the other week that Halle Berry's atrocious choice of outfit that she wore to the Golden Globes was likely because there's trouble in the already horrendously-strained relationship with Olivier Martinez.
Hi favourite look: Olivier is often seen sporting a grey top, leather jacket and jeans, sometimes for days at a time
It's a fairly sound theory- when Halle's love life goes down the toilet, so does her judgement to choose good outfits.
Little tomboy: Nahla appears to be turning to her mother's fiance for fashion tips
The couple went to Miami last weekend and things seem to have settled down with Gabe Aubry, 36, after the Thanksgiving beat down fiasco.
Halle, 46, and Olivier, 47, have shelved plans to move to France with four-year-old Nahla and will now stay in Los Angeles so she can spend time with her French-Canadian model father.
These boots were made for walking: Meanwhile Halle was dressed in a wrinkled coat and skinny jeans tucked into unusual cowboy boots
But not surprisingly, the custody battle has taken its toll on the relationship.
I spoke to a source who saw Martinez and Berry when they went to Paris over Christmas and they say that they've been very close to splitting in recent months.
"Olivier is not happy," says the source. "He feels demonised by the American media and as if he's been painted as the bad guy in the custody battle with Gabe when he's actually the good guy and been a tower of strength for Halle during a difficult time.  "He's agreed under duress not to move back to Paris so there wouldn't be a long drawn out custody battle. "But he still wants to move back to France. And the more he talks about spending some time there on his own, the clingier Halle becomes.  "Olivier is in a difficult situation where if he leaves her he's a bad guy and if he stays he's still a bad guy. "The feeling in Paris is that he'll be back in France by summer and that they'll eventually call the engagement off and split later this year."
I've also heard that he's taken his classic sail yacht 'White Wings' off the market and will be sailing around the med on it this summer. It's currently moored in Corsica but is heading back to Antibes in the south of France in time for April so his captain can do the necessary repairs to have it ship-shape in time for Olivier to use it once the yachting season starts on the med. The question is... will Halle be with him by then?

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  1. Delfina says:

    I think this relationship is horrible and disgusting, I used to like OM very much, he is indeed handsome.. But since he started dating Hellie he kind of revealed his dark side, It is awful how they were desperately trying to take a girl away from her loving father. I mean, doesn’t this guy sees that Heellie is constantly spliting up with her afterwards demonised exes??? She is the problem, of course.. Then why betting on a relationship with her__ Why insisting on movieng a little girl to a totaly unkown country. Thanks god the judge said no. As for them, I don’t care, maybe they were made for one another

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