Poor old Sarah Jessica Parker. The ex-Sex and The City star turned ex-fashionista turned up at the New York City Ballet's Annual Luncheon Benefit on Thursday wearing a coat that's as dead as her career. The 47-year-old looks as if she's been watching too many Pixar cartoons with her three kids in the West Village while Matthew Broderick spends time at his 'writer's apartment' near Broadway. I'm not sure what look she was going for yesterday but it turned out looking as if Sulley from Monster's Inc. swallowed Mike with her little stick legs poking helplessly out from underneath a monstrously-huge blue fur. At least the marriage-saving boob job she got a few years ago is still looking in good shape.

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  1. jojo says:

    She still thinks she’s Carrie

  2. NaughtyCareBear says:

    OMG…she’s wearing Cookie Monster (though has obviously rid the fur of any remaining cookie crumbs for fear one might end up in her stomach).

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