Well, the world of power lesbian couples just got sexier to the power of a million as Rita Ora has given an interview telling the world that she's taken 'wifey' Cara Delevingne 'off the market' and she's 'officially' hers. Rita says: “She’s officially mine. She’s, like, untouchable. I’ve taken her off the market. We call each other ‘wifey’. “You know what a wifey means? It’s like your other half. Like when you get married, like, that’s your wife!” She tells today's The Sun whilst backstage at her concert in London: “Cara’s in New York for Fashion Week so she couldn’t make this week. I’m a bit sad. Of course, we talk all the time – she was just texting me now.” Rita, 22, adds: “I met Cara a long time ago at a festival. “We hung out because we have a few mutual friends. “We didn’t see each other for a few months, then I saw her again and our careers were getting busier at the same time. “We are really similar but come from totally different backgrounds. I found someone who is exactly like me who isn’t really from my world. “We just kept seeing each other and naturally started talking more and more. And now we’re always together.” It's hard to tell really whether it's just, ahem, tongue-in-cheek or whether it's a case of tongue elsewhere but I'm crossing my fingers that they're an actual couple because dayum, they look hawt together. Model-of-the-moment 20-year-old Cara's gorgeousness even manages to cancel out spare Rihanna Rita's tendency for dressing in the dark and emerging in retina-damaging outfits. And, Cara's certainly a huge trade up from Rita's ex-boyfriend - reality star and sock magnate Rob Kardashian.    

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  1. Ant0scar says:

    Many, many thanks, Ora, for explaining the word “wifey” to the world. The addition of a “y” had me so very confused…

    • BOHOMOTH says:

      haha. Me too. I had thought it was something along the lines of ‘pikey’ maybe. I think Cara should actually go out with me. And so I’m putting her back on the market.

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