After I saw photographs of Paris Hilton and her wonky eye attached to what looked to be a baby bump at the TopShop opening party in LA on Wednesday night, I decided to do a bit of digging to find out whether the four horsemen of the apocalypse were indeed on their way to wreak doom on the world via her battered bits.

And, a rep for her 21-year-old Ibiza-born model boyfriend River Viiperi tells Bohomoth that we can all relax because the heirhead is currently not with child:
"Sorry to disappoint you but Paris & River are not expecting any babies at the moment."
Phew! That's a relief.

So what's with the 31-year-old star of a home sex tape 'accidentally' gone viral and giver of the laziest blow-job in history's gunt then? - Coke bloat? Constipation?... ...OR is she trying to get press - hoping if she pushes her stomach out when she's being photographed that one of the weeklies will run a story on her speculating that she's pregnant, just like her former stylist Kim? (Hilton's own rep didn't confirm or deny when I asked).

Update: Paris has been seen with a swollen abdomen several times over the past few years -abovehere, here, here and here for example. Whilst none of these times ever resulted in a pregnancy, it also transpires that it can be a common side-effect of congenital herpes from resulting abdominal pressure.

And, when the contents of Paris's storage locker - which she forgot to pay rental for - were posted online in 2006 , the world learned that she had need for a Valtrex (herpes medication) prescription in 2003 (when her current f-ck buddy was the tender age of 12). Some Valtrex users report side effects including... a swollen stomach. Hilarious and gross as that may be in equal parts, the jury finds the defendant guilty on this particular occasion of wearing a pregnancy prosthetic for garnering press attention. *Bangs gavel* Case dismissed!  

About Jen Paul (BOHOMOTH)

Jenny Paul is a veteran showbiz reporter who is based in Cannes in the south of France. She has worked on major breaking news stories over the past decade and more for entertainment news outlets worldwide including: Us Weekly (USA), People magazine (USA), E! News (USA) ABC News (USA), The New York Post (USA), The Sun (UK), The Mirror (UK), The Daily Mail, (UK), The Mail on Sunday (UK) and many others too numerous to mention. She firmly believes that love, truth, hugs, dogs and the power of laughter make the world a better place.
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  1. Shiny says:

    There’s no way that’s not a knocked up gut.

  2. Freak on a Leash says:

    Wow that side view! She’s either pregnant and wanted the world to know or she’s faking pregnant and wanted the world to think she was.

    • Shiny says:

      You could be on to something there. Faking a fake pregnancy scandal. Whoopee CUshion set to become next ‘must-have accessory for the under 15’s.

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  4. BOHOMOTH says:

    I reckon she’s faking pregnant to get her wonk eye back in the celeb weeklies-not seen there since circa 2007. It’s not the first time she’s faked she’s pregnant to create some buzz (looking through google images as Sassy suggested the other day, it appears she has a pregnancy prosthetic she whips out when she has something to promote and she’s pushing a nightclub opening this weekend, which I think she might have money invested in). It’s just the first time I’ve noticed the tie-on gunt – as I never pay any attention to her usually. Yesterday when I saw the TopShop pix though, her gut was the same size as Philip Green’s so I figured I’d see if she was having a baby-off with Kim Kartrash.

    Thankfully, not.

  5. Freak on a Leash says:

    Wow, lots of big stomachs! Really big! I’d think she’d be vain enough to stay the hell home! So for that reason I guess I think she fakes it. Pathetic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So anything for press ? I don’t know while Paris is responsible for infecting thousands that’s an awful big belly for herp bloat…

  7. alazonn says:

    Slightly off topic, but her boyfriend is HOT! S’not fair.

  8. jojo says:

    Wasn’t there a blind reveal a bit back that she pays him to be with her ?

  9. sassy says:

    PHEW glad i was able to help solve this mystery. I totally need a cool van like scooby doo !!

  10. joe dirt says:

    Kathy Hilton twitter has recent pics & Paris def. looks pregnant.

  11. Spoiler the Rat says:

    Well, the truth (as I see it) is that Paris has never, ever had a 100% flat stomach. She has always had a little belly pooch and when there are photos of her in side view you will see it. It does not matter when the photo is taken. And Paris is not the only one. Look at almost anyone (Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and so on) and they will have a little belly pooch in a side view photo if they are relaxing the stomach. But there are people who have 100% flat stomach though (not very many but they exist) but these celebrities are not among those people. Here we are talking about very fit athletes. Paris or Katy for example are not that fit and their inner abdominal muscles are too weak to hold the stomach in.

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