Prince Harry Practices Changing Nappies Ahead of Kate’s July Birth

Upon first glance of these photos I assumed Prince Harry was demonstrating what his fellow dorm-mates did to him after lights out when he was at boarding school at Eton. But it turns out that in fact the 28-year-old royal redhead was experiencing what it's like to have a brain injury and the resulting loss of sensation in a limb at the Nottingham headquarters of Headway - a charity which works to improve life for those who have suffered brain injuries. That happened to a friend of mine a few years ago - he skidded on his motorbike on some oil and went straight into a concrete roundabout head first (he had a helmet on) at high speed and the resulting brain damage meant he had to completely relearn how to walk and pick things up - it's a terrifying process and I applaud Harry's efforts to publicise the work of the charity. I'm not sure sister-in-law Catherine's going to let him babysit after seeing these photos though.
To find out more about Harry's day in Nottingham as he readies to pick up the slack as Catherine and William clear their diaries in the near future to focus on the baby, check here and here.

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6 Responses to Prince Harry Practices Changing Nappies Ahead of Kate’s July Birth

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  3. Pamela says:

    It looks funny but at least he’s trying to do something good with his time!

  4. i see harry is going bald too

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