Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Back Together Again?

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were snapped leaving The Little Door eaterie in Los Angeles last night - sparking speculation that they're back together. The 22-year-old Oscar winning actress then drove her British boyfriend away from the restaurant so let's assume it wasn't a boozy date and, whilst he was crazy to let her go in the first place, I'm far more interested in two things. -If they're an item again then does this mean that J-Law's not the A-list actress that's about to come out as gay any minute as I've been hoping (there's been a few blinds floating around to that end) and is that the Karma Sutra she's holding in her hand and if so did they go home to work their way through it?  

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9 Responses to Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Back Together Again?

  1. Anonymous says:

    @ Jen Paul: The book is not the “Kama Sutra” (!), it is “Anna Karenina”. Take a look at the article of the “Daily Mail” again! However I think it is still more than probable that they had sex afterwards. Especially Jennifer seemed to be in the right mood. And I guess she is wild and loud in bed! What do you think? And referring to this: What is your opinion on this couple? –

    • Jen Paul says:

      *applauds wildly* I was craning my neck trying to figure out what it was…She’s been snapped with it a lot over the past year or so. I wonder why she had it at dinner. I’d love to just watch her frantically turning the pages and reading out her favourite passages.

      On Scar-Jo and Nate…I don’t know, I much prefer her with the new guy Romain. MUCH, I’m not sure why although Scar-Jo looked hot as hell in the pics you’ve just linked to.

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