‘Perfect’ Kate Middleton Upset The Other Parents Back When She Was At School?

I know we're tiring slightly of Kate Middleton right now but according to a mother with not much to do apart from complain about our future Queen when she was a teenager it was "galling" to have her child at school with the Middletons.
Speaking to Tatler of Kate, Pippa and James Middleton's time at Marlborough College, the anonymous parent said: "There was always something slightly galling about having your child at school with the Middletons. It made other families feel rather hopeless."
She added that every item of the Middleton trio's school uniform came equipped with a "beautifully sewn-in name tape... it was unthinkable that they would resort to a marker pen on labels" and she whinged about them having the best picnics on school sports day (who is this source?- Waynetta Slob?). Utter bollocks. Catherine was a late bloomer at school and quite the frump who even once used nail varnish in lieu of eyeshadow nearly blinding herself ahead of a school dance . Given that it's a boarding school, it's unlikely that other parents would be aware of their child's classmates arrangements with regard to naming items of uniform and it's fairly standard at British public schools to use sewn in name tapes in case items end up in lost property. What this disgruntled mother meant to say was that it's "fairly galling" that her child didn't go on to marry Prince William...  

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15 Responses to ‘Perfect’ Kate Middleton Upset The Other Parents Back When She Was At School?

  1. Raker says:

    Agree, sounds like made up bollocks.

    What is more believable is recent interview with local (I’m in sunny Marlborough this afternoon!) Bo Bruce, who was at the College at the same time, younger I think, which stated that the reason no one has come forward with awful tales of the Mids (fun-loving Uncle Gaz aside) is that they were both genuinely nice girls.

    “Very nice girls actually dull” shocker!

    • Bandit says:

      For me, it’s actually refreshing and, dare I say, “edgy” to see a real-life actual “nice” person covered in the media. You know, of course, that if Kate Middleton were an actress there would be complaints of “vanilla”, “boring” and other such adjectives which would preclude her being in the media very often. As it is, there is no ignoring the future Queen of England so all the bloggers have to swallow their hatred for “nice”. Not that many aren’t trying to make Kate somehow controversial. Bloggrs and tabloids writers, “Hmmmm…short hemlines….obviously married for title….pushy family….what else can we possibly say to drag this b*tch down? I hate F*cking nice.”

      • Sylly says:

        I agree. And I like the fact that Jen & Aisling have always treated her with respect — not that they don’t take the piss out of her on occasion (practicing my British colloquialisms; how am I doing?), but there’s never that petty nastiness about it you get from some bloggers.

        And honestly, I’ve grown to love the relationship between Kate, William, and Harry — they so obviously love each other and enjoy each other’s company, that it is just a pleasure to watch them together.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Even Uncle Gaz has been towing the line (and no not the sort they have in Ibiza) lately. I was reading the Mail On Sunday interview with him and started to catch myself secretly thinking he seems like a nice enough guy. I must be getting old… *whispers* I am.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh my she was simply awful…not.

  3. DD says:

    That first photo kind of creeps me out.

    • Sylly says:

      Creeps you out? That’s one of the odder statements I’ve read on this blog. Easily frightened, I take it?

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  5. angelinaballerina says:

    Nah they just hated her because her family earned their money and didnt inherit it
    Plus her mother was an airhostess oh the horror!

    • Jen Paul says:

      Nail/smacked/head. How dare Catherine’s parents have earned their money? Plus they’re jealous she’s going to be Queen (well, she had better be, I hope they don’t call her Duchess or somesuch).

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  7. Dawn says:

    Kate never had much class. Just a fact.

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