Video: Gwen Stefani Does A Duet With The Rolling Stones

Gwen Stefani joined The Rolling Stones on stage for the first night of their 50 And Counting tour at The Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday evening. The 43-year-old No Doubt frontwoman sang along with Mick Jagger during a rendition of one of my favourite songs - 'Wild Horses'. My own (albeit slightly sloshed) karaoke version of that knocks spots off hers (in my opinion, but sadly no-one else's, 'not sure why) but never mind that- what the heck is the ageless Ms. Stefani doing to her skin? [caption id="attachment_34400" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="That complexion is bananas: Gwen arriving at the Staples Center for The Stones gig last weekend (Photograph: Canadian Dave/ Try CW)"][/caption] For the greater good of the women of earth, she needs to stop all this, 'Oh it's lots of water and sleep' pretence and tell us her facialist, surgeon and exact diet details immediately.   

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12 Responses to Video: Gwen Stefani Does A Duet With The Rolling Stones

  1. portia says:

    Who is her plastic surgeon/dermatologist? I think she is an example of someone who has had limited sun damage (I’d say most of her life has been nocturnal), started doing little fix-its (like naso labial line fillers) very early and is working with a very talented practitioner. (Possibly the same person who looks after Michelle Pfeiffer. Does anyone know who this alchemist is?)

  2. Jameson says:

    Love her, wasn’t liking the fake hair but can deal. That would’ve been a great concert to attend!

  3. Jr says:

    No sun. Prescription Retin a. It is amazing.

  4. fruch says:

    That’s not Gwen Stefani in the first picture. It’s Caprice.

  5. DD says:

    That hair. I wonder how long her hair REALLY is.

  6. isnt she a little old to be doing jagger?

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