Met Gala 2013: Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker Provide THE Red Carpet Moment of the Night

Aw look – it’s everyone’s fantasy BFF – Jennifer Lawrence all dressed up at the Met Gala in New York tonight.

The 22-year-old looked absolutely darling in the Voilette by Jennifer Behr and a black Dior gown, but I can’t help but feel worried for fashion Bambi being at such a huge event with no playmates.

I needn’t have worried though, because she was soon scooped up by SJP who had J-Law laughing her gorgeous head off in what is now my favourite photo of the year and definitely the night.

And then there was this awesomeness between the two as well.


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13 Responses to Met Gala 2013: Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker Provide THE Red Carpet Moment of the Night

  1. Robyn! says:

    She looks good.

  2. shannon says:

    Love that gown very classy.

  3. Adorable.
    S xoxoxxo

  4. portia says:

    What is SJP wearing on her head? Baroque gladiator Carmen Miranda?

  5. sassy says:

    sjp always goes over the top and yet looks good……fun pic

  6. MizEliza says:

    Can someone please tell me exactly WHY this event is held? I know the facts, it’s to celebrate the Met’s fashion exhibition and is considered fashion’s red carpet event of the year. The event also raises lots of money for the Met, which coincidentally is already one of the world’s most endowed museums.

    So why? IMHO this entire Met Gala is just so absolutely pointless. I mean, do we really need yet ANOTHER event where people who have been told they’re important because they act or sing put on yet another ostentatious display of how vapid their lives are?

    Just doesn’t make sense to me. Does anyone know if the money they raise by holding this event (which is million$) goes to any more noteworthy causes than bringing more fashion to the world?

    This is no criticism of you Boho, you’re just reporting on what’s going on. But UGH. Can’t even look at the pictures.

  7. vee115 says:

    yes we need events like this. all the time. every day.

  8. Dalovely says:

    That shot is the money shot. It captures the very essences of Young Hollywood enjoying life in a Dior dress while meeting veteran actress known for her fashionista looks! The only thing missing is a bottle of Dom Perignon 1966!

  9. Mayrose10 says:

    You can’t go wrong in Dior.

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