Madonna Wears Fishnet Body Stocking and Underwear To Met Gala Afterparty

Ah Madonna, how faboosh is she, eh? The 54-year-old Material Girl changed out of her killer Met Gala outfit and into a second outfit for the afterparty at the Boom Boom Room at the top of The Standard Hotel in New York on Monday night. She turned up wearing a black satin trench coat with her incredibly shagable boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, 25, on her arm but once inside stripped off to reveal a fishnet body stocking and a few choice pieces of underwear - which she looked f-cking amazing in. Posing with the hotel's owner Andre Balazs, Riccardo Tisci, Frank Ocean and Katy Perry, Madonna really was the Queen of pop, punk and any-other-fricken-thing she puts her mind to. In other Em news, she's sold off one of her paintings - a Leger- for a cool $7.2 million and, according to Sotheby's, proceeds from the sale "will benefit Madonna's Ray of Light Foundation, supporting girls' education projects in the Middle East and South Asia". "Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!" Madge wrote on on Facebook this morning. Love her. Images via The Daily Mail via Vogue and via Madonna-Facebook    

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12 Responses to Madonna Wears Fishnet Body Stocking and Underwear To Met Gala Afterparty

  1. Anonymous says:

    She really rocks that dark wig…if fact I like it much better than her blond hair.

  2. Peggy Guggenheim says:

    Love her to pieces, always. One thing: her now omnipresent fingerless gloves. Martial arts training (think not) or is she trying to obstruct us from seeing her hands due to aging? Just curious if anyone knows.

    • Jen Paul says:

      I think it has to be the latter, no? It is odd that she wears them all the time Karl Style….

  3. Jameson says:

    Of late she seems to be taking some time to reflect and enjoy everything she is surrounded by for a change instead of the charging ahead like she usually does. I hope that’s the case. She seems happy and having fun.

  4. lou says:

    She does look a bit like Hilary Devey from Dragons Den with the black wig – admit it.

  5. madonna looks like an old tranny – a talentless freak of nature clutching onto her toyboy like the decrepit mountebank she has become.

  6. Lou says:

    Hi Jody, bit harsh?
    She aint no freak of nature – she works damn hard to achieve that unnatural look. And – she also is not talentless. She is a shit hot dancer and has released some of the greatest pop tunes ever.

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