Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Dodge The Soap, Combs and Clothes Irons at ‘World War Z’ London Premiere

Angelina Jolie made her first post preventative double mastectomy public appearance at the premiere of Brad Pitt's film World War Z in London tonight after spending the past week at their Chateau in the south of France. As you can see they both made a real effort to look as unpolished and scruffy as is humanly possible and their transition from one of Hollywood's most beautiful couples into a Dwarf King and Elven Queen from The Hobbit is quite mind-boggling. The 37-year-old Tomb Raider actress looked happy and smiley as she signed reams of autographs for waiting fans - many of whom have been camped out waiting to see them for the past three days. No doubt sales of Cheetos in Leicester Square have skyrocketed. Whilst her hair looked as if it had been slept on, Angie looked pretty healthy (much more so than she has done in years) and the new boobs have taken her back to her Lara Croft days (in a good way). No-one knows why Brad turned up wearing sunglasses in erm, not so sunny London or why his hair's now as long as Angie's (has he had highlights put in as well?) but the pair's ability to make a couple of outfits that were probably expensive look as if they retrieved them from a Salvation Army clothes recycling bin is an art form in itself. Photos: Getty Images

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39 Responses to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Dodge The Soap, Combs and Clothes Irons at ‘World War Z’ London Premiere

  1. Jocelyn says:

    She looks GORGEOUS!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think she’s using a different make-up artist and different products because her face doesn’t have that greasy waxy look like in the past…and that makes a really big difference.

      • Canuck says:

        She also isn’t doing her usual “I’m so smug” face. That probably helps too.

        • Anonymous says:

          agree never saw them “so happy to be somewhere” I think they are both better actors than I’ve given them credit for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    she actually looks better than she has in years…

  3. Payal says:

    Oh dear

  4. Anonymous says:

    No hate here, they both look great! My eyes hurt from the glare even on cloudy days, so I will excuse the glasses even.

  5. Guest says:

    It’s actually been lovely warm and sunny in London today.

  6. Flffgrrrl says:

    Just watching the interviews they are giving on the news from the red carpet. He is clearly st!tfaced. She is not. But they seem happy.

  7. sassy says:

    Ccobb was on tv last night. ..God he looked good in it. He doesn’t look too bad here. ..and she looks better than she has in a long time

  8. Guest says:

    Angelina looks flawless

  9. Anonymous says:

    however they are preforming like chimps for bananas….he needs this this to be a hit bad, it just seems so out of character for both of them.

  10. Dzone says:

    Did pitt forget hes attending a premier event not a bong party? He looks a mess!
    Looks like he slepted in is clothes. That hair!! Can one of their nannies start bathing
    And washing his hair. Pitt now needs a man-nanny.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What link..?

  12. Siska says:

    They look good together,.,its the one bigger than this couple in HW.
    We will see a lot of them now out and about,,their fans will be happy and gossip blog has more pictures of them to write good gossip.
    This movie is a dear project of brad,,and it really need a lot of they will do almost anything to promote it. Even used the old triangle war maybe,,CAA represent both Brad and Jen,so I also suspect just jen will also out and about.
    Prepare up your popcorn..and watch..

  13. Sylly says:

    I actually had to go back and look at the pictures again after reading the comments. Usually, posters here are pretty objective …

    They both look like shitt, IMO, and Jolie’s huge tits look utterly ridiculous on her emaciated frame. But, boy, she is beside herself with happiness, thinking she is finally relevant again, isn’t she? Still no A-listers lending their support, though …

    • Bel says:

      Here here!

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought it was just me…I wondered why since the world knows they’re not natural why she didn’t go smaller..

      • Canuck says:

        Again, I’m going to be very uncharitable. Call me cynical, but I’m still not convinced this wasn’t a boob job spun as something “virtuous”. I remember thinking last year when she visited Syrian refugees in September, that she looked like she’d had something done on them.

        Double masectomy and reconstruction done last year publicized now for Pitt’s floundering movie, or just had them done to restore them to pre-baby condition? There were a few gossip sites speculating at the time that she decided to have them “restored” after having babies were over and done with.

      • Jen Paul says:

        I was wondering if she let Brad choose the new ones?

        • Canuck says:

          No. They’d probably be two different sizes and assymetrically placed, all in the name of “art” if he chose them. ;)

        • Canuck says:

          Plus, had they sent over samples, I can totally see Pitt having a stoned game of silicon hacky sack with Pax and Maddox.

          I’m curious as to why she went the implant route though. A friend of mine recently had a masectomy and they rebuilt her breast using her own body fat. Granted, Jolie doesn’t have any body fat, but since she was out of the public eye, it would have been easy enough to pack on a few kilos, lipo out the areas you want to sculpt (stomach and waist) and end up with something that looks much more natural.

          • Jen Paul says:

            HA! he totally would as well, this is the man who uses empty pizza delivery boxes as boomerangs. She needs to start eating properly, she doesn’t look good scary skinny. The new pics in paris are awful.

          • Canuck says:

            She’s now into “face or ass” territory…

  14. Annemarie says:

    They look happy together and I do not think they look that bad…IMO

  15. Aisling O'Connor says:

    At least she has an excuse to look less than her best. He looks like a dead beat.

  16. thompson says:

    they look dirty, old as usual and the most attention seeking couple in hollywood. have no respect for someone who missed her own aunt’s funeral for a stupid premiere, very heartless and cold.

  17. collins says:

    i dont believe this couple, she has been missing for almost 2yrs now and all this happy couple down are throat is for show. remember what brad said, he is a pretender and will say anything to make himself look good. TRASHER TRASH COUPLE. hollywood arent fools, they see through their shallowness and attention seeking

    • Anonymous says:

      Tend to agree this is all about money.
      Neither have been in a money making film for a while, I’m guessing the price per film for each of them has dropped greatly, and their overhead is enormous.

  18. KREE says:

    NYPOST: what a classless couple, they are trying too hard to tell us they are happy. going all the way to even trash an ex of 8yrs. he has lost a lot of respect and cant seems to cope for the fact that Jen has moved on with a cooler better dude

    Diss & tell & tell

    Is Brad Pitt still obsessed with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston?

    The Hollywood A-lister, 49, told Esquire that while married to Jen, he was a drug-damaged burn-out who was “f–king off.’’

    He similarly overshared with Parade magazine in 2011, complaining that before he hooked up with present partner Angelina Jolie in 2005, he “wasn’t living an interesting life. I think my marriage [to Aniston] had something to do with it.’’

    It’s been eight years since Brad divorced Jen, and life perhaps got a bit too interesting. Some people just can’t move on.

  19. Bluey says:

    More chateau porn please! (is there a polite way to make a whip cracking sound?)

  20. Miss Canadia says:

    She always had big breasts and the draping on the dress might accentuate them. I also heard that implants need time to ‘settle’ and may look bigger post surgery. What I am noticing is how her nose and mouth have ‘evolved’ over the years. Here is a link with an older picture where she was way more beautiful IMO. I think her nose is narrower now and her bottom lip looks to have been reduced. Whatever it is, her face looks very different even taking the weight loss into account. Still very beautiful but in a more ordinary way if that makes any sense. Lainey implied that Brad’s face was looking fuller and that he should have left it alone. To me it looks like he’s put on weight. If he shaved off the gray facial hair, he would look a lot cleaner and younger.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh dear. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news since I myself was gobsmacked when it happened to me . . . but your lips shrink as you get older. They practically die on the vine. Why didn’t anybody warn me? Plus your feet get bigger. Why didn’t I appreciate it more when I had it? :(

    • sylly says:

      Angelina Jolie did/does not have naturally large, or even very attractive, breasts. I actually thought well of her for exposing her less-than-perfect breasts in “Gia.” I thought it sent a great message of body acceptance to young women:

      Boy, was I wrong! She’s apparently ready to start ‘working’ on her body, now that she’s surgically altered every feature on her face. Her looks have ‘evolved’ the same way Michael Jackson’s looks ‘evolved.’ She simply had far too much surgery on her face, far too young, and then she didn’t leave it alone. The result are the fish gills, the receding hairline, the waxiness, the ‘melting’ nose, etc.

      She looked pretty near perfect from about 2002-2008 or 2009. Very different than the face she was born with, but breathtakingly beautiful. I don’t know what happened. Either that surgically altered face came with an expiration date, or she wouldn’t leave it alone, and kept tweaking it. I’m not sure which, but it’s a shame. She was awesomely beautiful for a few years, though, and it looked so natural, and then, overnight, it seems, she aged 10-15 years. Odd.

  21. Milk says:

    It makes me think that Jolie is a paid endorser of the gene :-( ewwww the corporate ownership of human gene information is outrageous and people don’t even seem to care

  22. Miss Canadia says:

    I thought she was promoting that the test be more available to people who can’t afford it?
    That questionnaire linked site is also promoting diet as a viable alternative to treat cancer. Just saying…..

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