Madonna’s New Face Preaches A ‘Revolution of Love’ at Chime For Change Concert in London

Oh Madonna Louise Ciccone- what did you do? The 54-year-old Queen of pop was at the Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live concert at London's Twickenham Stadium last night. As you can see, her latest round of cosmetic work has gone beyond the realms of 'pillow face' and into Mrs. Potato Head territory - she's reminding me of Moonface from Enid Blyton's The Magic Faraway Tree. I'm all for a woman's right to do whatever the fork she likes to her face especially if it gives her the confidence to get down and dirty with the droolsome Brahim Zaibat. However, Madge is in dire need of a friend she trusts telling her that she needs to kerb her control freakery with regard to ageing and put the foot on the brakes with her obsessive face tweaking. She doesn't look youthful - she looks like a rich 54-year-old who's had extensive surgery and fillers on her face. The other day Madonna forgot to pop on her gloves when she was leaving a meeting in New York and, they look fine. Much better than her Karl Lagerfeld-esque fingerless gloves... Anyway, I digress, let's have a look at what Madge told the audience in London last night. She said: "I keep telling people I want to start a revolution, but my revolution doesn't involve bloodshed and violence. My revolution starts with education. My revolution is about achieving a higher level of consciousness, but this cannot start without education. "We cannot change this world, nor begin to treat each other with human dignity, without an education. Let tonight be the beginning of this revolution because education is not a luxury, it is a basic human right. "I invite you all to join my revolution of love. Join me tonight. The revolution of love starts here. I believe my girls out there deserve the best education. They deserve the best in health. And I believe in justice for my girls everywhere." A revolution of love, eh? - Let's hope that her bendy French lover Brahim Zaibat, 25, doesn't take that too literally while he's babysitting Lourdes Leon, 16, back at home in New York... Images: Ian Gavan/ Getty for  

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11 Responses to Madonna’s New Face Preaches A ‘Revolution of Love’ at Chime For Change Concert in London

  1. Jameson says:

    I’m blaming the blouse on this one (mock turtle neck what have you) but am even hesitant on that, the poor thing has obviously been pricked before leaving NY and things haven’t settled!!

    Good Lourdes, what was she thinking?!

    I also saw the pics of the hands the other day that her devoted sites were even showcasing and thought…I can’t imagine a handy off of that one. From what I understand its because of her diet but holy dinah! Step back, step back!

  2. fruch says:

    The ageing process is hard enough for us ordinary women to deal with, god alone knows how difficult it must be for an international icon who’s success and looks are so closely intertwined, and who is under constant media scrutiny, but it would really do us all a favour if more women in the public eye had the balls to grow old gracefully. You look at her face and all you see is self-hatred and the media/society’s hatred for women written all over it. It’s tragic.

  3. Flffgrrrl says:

    I agree, I wish she could feel that she could just be. However, I think she’s looking a little better than she was a few months ago. Maybe the cheek implants have settled a bit or something. You know that freaky pic of her in the scout uniform? I think she looks a bit better now. I suppose though she’s just so thin and gym honed that by now she’d be looking quite scrawny and gaunt in the face if she didn’t fill it full of other stuff. I wonder if she’s having fat from elsewhere (does she have any?) injected into her face and neck.

    I do find her message jarring though ‘let’s all be educated and achieve a higher state of consciousness’ except that it’s so retrograde to value looks above all else. I agree it’s up to her, and she of all people can look how she chooses, and she does have a killer bod etc, but jeez, enough now.

    The more 40 and 50+ women I see with warped puffy faces, the more beautiful a naturally, shaped naturally lined woman appears, not that there are many, but some are doing it. These silly women who are really messing with their faces in their twenties (see entire cast of TOWIE amongst others) are going to look effing horrendous even in their 30s (see Katie Price). Queen Madge was really very careful not to tweak too unnaturally until fairly recently and even she is looking questionable. Step away from the scalpel / needle ladies! Surely they will regret it later.

  4. MizEliza says:

    I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the entire Brahim thing. I mean good for her, I guess, but I just cannot fathom it. She’s older than I, and I couldn’t imagine having a boy toy 30 years younger. Maybe it’s not just her face that is hanging on to her youth for dear life.

    Poor woman, so empowering to women in her youth, and so enslaving to them in her 50s…

  5. Roberta says:

    Her face looks so distorted…ugh

  6. portia says:

    Poor thing. If she’s doing this to herself she’s not as tough as we think she is. Jamie Lee Curtis, who is one month younger than Madonna, is looking amazing and claims she does nothing. She doesn’t look young any more, but she still looks beautiful and not like a freaky rich housewife somewhere between the age of 35 and 65.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure what’s different but a face lift would have cleaned up the jaw line, Madge is a devotee of Dr. Brandt have you seen photo’s of him ? Frightening !
    I think she gained a little weight..

    • Jen Paul says:

      I reckon she’s had one of those treatments that stimulates collagen growth (it might be called mesotherapy or something similar) and it’s not quite settled in yet ….

  8. Flffgrrrl says:

    Oh sweet Jayzus. Do they just get over acclimatised to people who look freaky or something? Why else would you let that man anywhere near you wielding a knife?

  9. Shelbel says:

    Holy mother of god what has she done to her face?? I am rendered speechless….

  10. LadyArtyMcFarty says:

    Lmao ‘ Moonface’ from Enid Blyton

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