SJP Collaborating with Manolo Blahnik and the Ghost of Carrie Bradshaw for Shoe Line ‘SJP’

I’ll do my best to report on Sarah Jessica Parker’s announcement of her first shoe line, in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, without saying ‘or something’ in every sentence.

15 years after Sex And The City first hit screens, SJP has come full circle and become ‘the woman who lived in her shoes’ for real. According to MyDaily, Sarah spoke to Vogue about where she learned ALL about shoes, or something.

“Because I got to play that role (Carrie Bradshaw), I wore a lot of shoes and by default I learned an enormous amount. It’s hard to – no pun intended – walk away from that.”

She fails to mention that she got to keep her screen wardrobe.

The inspiration for the collection is “great old-school labels like Charles Jourdan and Maud Frizon”, or something. Bless her for getting the fashion history books out and finding two names no gal on the street has ever heard of. Therein lies the mystique that enables her to sell exclusively at Nordstrom, $200 upwards for flats and $700 and up for bags.

In terms of design, SJP says that the SJP line will be classic while thinking outside the box (hello, ghost of Carrie). Try to read this without rolling your eyes:

“We’re putting new colours together that people don’t typically do, just beautiful combinations that you wish existed in your closet. And in terms of bags, thinking about that period of the Seventies into the Eighties, what those women were carrying, taking away the bells and the whistles and hardware and really making it about the bag.”

Making it about the bag. Was there ever a more full-of-sh1t statement. You’ve got to love the old gal, or something.

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Aisling is an Irish fashion, pop culture and lifestyle writer whose work can be seen in Harpers Bazaar, The Atlantic, The Daily Mail and The Independent's Irish edition and many others. With a unique sartorial perspective, she strives to translate high fashion and street style into accessible looks - and savage often ridiculous celebrity stylings as a matter of public service.
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7 Responses to SJP Collaborating with Manolo Blahnik and the Ghost of Carrie Bradshaw for Shoe Line ‘SJP’

  1. Anonymous says:

    I own a vintage pair of Maud Frizon booties the top is cut like a picket fence, and they have a tiny heel, whenever I wear them women stop and ask where I got them. They are from 1984 or 1985. They have been re-soled a many times.
    It was sad day when she retired and sold the company.

  2. Inyourbox says:

    Gawd – I remember Charles Jourdan and Maud Frizon. Should I be worried?

    About the bag? About the cash more like. If a bag’s not “about the bag” then what the hell is about? Tinia cream? Incoherent nonsense. Ow, eyes hurt from rolling.

    • Aisling O'Connor says:

      No don’t be worried. My point was that she’s trying to look knowledgeable to the masses, most of whom think they’re ‘with it’ if they mention Alexander Wang as an up-and-coming designer.

  3. Grande Poobah says:

    Oh no!

    Maud Frizon is now the go to choice of flats in HK..

    but she’s a sell out?

  4. Jen Paul says:

    Um. This could actually be a to die-for shoes line or it could be a pile of poo. As Carrie said while sitting on her stoop smoking a Moudly Light once, ‘It’s crap shoot’. Or crap shoes as the case may be.

  5. Goose says:

    Hells bells I have a bag full of Charles Jourdan that my mum gave me from the eighties. They don’t fit and I tried but failed to sell them! I should contact her!

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