Madonna Plays Powdered Circus Ring Master at The Premiere of her MDNA Tour Documentary

Madonna attended Dolce & Gabbana and The Cinema Society screening of the Epix World premiere of “Madonna: The MDNA Tour” at The Paris Theatre in New York City last night.

The 54-year-old was part circus ring master, part Karl Lagerfeld and part someone whose make-up artist was playing a trick on her – because she had far too much powder down the left side of her nose.

The documentary follows the MDNA world tour last year and features behind the scenes clips and interviews with Madge’s dancers (who say things like she’s the most compassionate employer they’ve ever had and whilst she expects the best from them that’s to be expected).

Most importantly, Madge’s latest round of facial fillers appears to have settled in since her rather moon-faced appearance at the Chime for Change concert in London a couple of weeks ago.

At certain angles her eyes are looking pegged back behind her head but on the whole, Em’s looking pretty darn good.

And, it’s always a treat when she turns up at an event fully-clothed rather than flashing her bits.

She even allowed us a rare glimpse of her hands, albeit just the one for now.

Madonna: The MDNA Tour, premieres Saturday, June 22nd on EPIX, online at and on EPIX Apps.

Here’s the trailer.

Photos: Getty

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8 Responses to Madonna Plays Powdered Circus Ring Master at The Premiere of her MDNA Tour Documentary

  1. Suzanne says:

    How different does she look when she smiles. I know she’s had all the shit done to her face but it’s not to late to stop and allow age to soften her Granny Tranny Look. She is very fit and slim but no amount of exercise hides the fact that that is not the body of a 20+ woman. She looks so much better with classy clothes and less harsh make up. EMBRACE AGING it comes so many benefits, time to smell the flowers, enjoy a good book, watch your kids become young adults etc etc

    • Jen Paul says:

      Totally agree. Embrace it and don’t walk around in a g-string!

    • Boadaciousbetty says:

      I agree. And I’m going to say it: I’d far rather see the naturally aged hands than the homeless person mittens. I know she must get fed up with people talking about the glaring difference between her smooth-as-hell face and her veined hands, but I think it makes her seem more relateable and vulnerable somehow. We’re all going to get them, and until they invent a hand lift, it’s tough shi1t.

      • Anonymous says:

        If she had an ounce of fat the doctor could inject it in her hands they do amazing things now, but they need something to work with.

  2. Aisling O'Connor says:

    Those pants are giving me stress hives.

  3. Milk says:

    She looks like the thanksgiving day parade blow up balloon version of Madonna: plastic, hollow, and filled with hot air ;-p

  4. Jameson says:

    meh, it seems since the tour ended she’s having a bit more fun, being more playful, relaxed and dressing up how she wants because she can.

    I can’t imagine wearing that hat all night but it would cover up the roots.

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