Disney’s Very Own Vanilla Ice – Miley Cyrus – Announces That She’s Aware She’s White

Miley Cyrus has made a very important announcement via the medium of twitter. The 20-year-old "singer" would like everyone to stop pointing out to her that she's white, thank you very much. When Miley's most recent video came out, Dodai Stewart wrote a brilliant piece on Jezebel.com where she discussed Cyrus, ratchet culture and 'accessorising' with black people. She made a tonne of good points throughout the entire article, but especially at the end where she pointed to the story where Miley went to the two male producers who wrote 'We Can't Stop' and said: "I just want something that just feels Black." Stewart adds:  "blackness is not a piece of jewellery you can slip on when you want a confidence booster or a cool look. And playing at being poor — while earning a profit by doing so — is just distasteful." Personally, I think little Miley's too young and er, lacking in the brains department to understand why her continued cultural appropriation sets a lot of peoples' teeth on edge, because she's so desperate to show the world that she's no longer squeaky clean Hannah Montana that she's jumping on the nearest bandwagon that she thinks is 'cool' and 'bad' and therefore 'grown up'. Back when I was Miley's age, we had trustafarians - who were basically rich, white, privately-educated kids who had left school, become faux rastas or hippies, taken up pot smoking, grown their hair into dreadlocks subscribing to a hippy lifestyle while a tidy monthly sum from their family paid for it all. Just like they were, Miley's searching for an identity and just like they were she looks forking ridiculous whilst doing it. But it is extremely funny to laugh at - once you realise what the poor lamb's up to - because she has no idea how silly she's making herself look. She's like a modern-day, female Vanilla Ice or something and I for one, am looking forward to the day when some wag persuades her to take up rapping when she's off her little box on molly one weekend and thinks she's really 'dope' at it because the yes people she surrounds herself with tell her that she is.

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11 Responses to Disney’s Very Own Vanilla Ice – Miley Cyrus – Announces That She’s Aware She’s White

  1. Ali says:

    LOLLLL- did she have to call the girl a bitch though?

  2. Flffgrrrrlr says:

    Trust fund hippies still alive and well. Mainly living in Brighton.

  3. Boadaciousbetty says:

    Does it make me a prude that I find the video for We Can’t Stop REALLY inappropriate? I’m showing my age.

    • Sylly says:

      No. I actually think it just shows that you are sane, and also possess a functional understanding of what might be inappropriate if it weren’t so derivative, boring and lame that just thinking about it kills off a couple brain cells.

  4. DD says:

    Oh snap! I guess she told her!

  5. Sylly says:

    LOL. Yeah, not exactly quick with snappy comeback is our Miley?

  6. Allie says:

    Wasn’t this obvious?

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  8. Suzanne says:

    Her vid on YT is probably the only one that I’ve ever seen that has almost as many thumbs down as thumbs up and we’re talking about hundreds thousands. So since her “fan base” seems to be so out weighed by everyone else I wonder how long the record exces are going to allow her to shake her money maker till they dump her on her sorry money maker.

    I’m trying to think of something nice about her because she is so young but yet again the spawn of someone who had minimum talent and a crappy hair do (sorry apart from his acky hit I don’t know of any others) why she and anyone else thinks she can move from teen TV to the big world is beyond me.

    • Sylly says:

      Agree with your comment completely. Have you noticed that there is really no such thing as a “has been” anymore? There really isn’t. Nearly half the so-called celebrities would have used up their 15 minutes years ago if social media didn’t keep everything alive.

      Imagine, if the tabs used accurate data in describing their subjects: Jessica Alba: failed star of a ludicrously expensive teevee show bomb, twelve years ago. Or Cyrus herself: failed musician, and former star of children’s show on Disney nearly five years ago.

      Heck, under these standards, the Backstreet Boys and Tiffany would still be relevant. Wait … I think they may still be. If not today, than surely by next week.

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