The Gwyneth Paltrow Vanity Fair Exposé Is Definitely Going To Run Says Graydon Carter

Well I'm rubbing my hands with glee, hunching over my cauldron and cackling as it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow's about to be exposed by Vanity Fair a la Tom Cruise last year. The 40-year-old world's most beautiful woman ™ has been sending out snippy missives to her friends and business associates cautioning them not to talk to the Condé Nast publication since she found out they were planning to do a less than flattering cover story on her earlier this spring.
"Vanity Fair is threatening to put me on the cover of their magazine," Paltrow reportedly emailed to her pals in May. "If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline. Also, I recommend you all never do this magazine again."
However, that little plan backfired and the piece will definitely run because as Graydon told the London Times over the weekend, “Well, she sort of forced my hand.” Vanity Fair's Editor-in-Chief added: “We started a story on her,” he told The Times. “We have a very good writer and it’ll run.” What's interesting about this is that despite Gwyneth's warnings to her inner-circle Chris Martin's imaginary* BFF Jay Z was Vanity Fair's November cover star, and do we honestly believe that a former crack dealer wouldn't think twice about spilling every juicy secret he has about Gwyneth and chuckle to himself as he does so? So what can we expect to learn from the piece? I expect we'll find the real reason for Gwyneth's falling out with Madonna and learn that it was about money and the Tracy Anderson gym partnership. I also presume we'll find out that the Paltrow-Martin marriage is riddled with infidelities and that they're together at the moment because a power-coupling is good for business. (See: The Beckhams). I wonder who'll talk on the record? Goop enemies include Winona Ryder (who with a couple of movies in the works this year probably wouldn't mind the publicity), 'fearless' Madonna and possibly Jay Z - who could say some innocuous things in print and who knows what off the record? Whatever the outcome, I'm buying in my popcorn in preparation... Graydon also said that Goopster's recent move stateside from London won't be plain sailing for her: “She’ll find Los Angeles very different and very difficult,” he says. “Some famous people believe that they live in a cone of celebrity that protects them … But it doesn’t really exist any more in L.A. unless they stay in.” *I say imaginary as clearly from Jay Z's point of view, the relationship's good for making mo' money - I doubt he particularly likes them as people.

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16 Responses to The Gwyneth Paltrow Vanity Fair Exposé Is Definitely Going To Run Says Graydon Carter

  1. Pass the popcorn honey – this should be good.
    S xoxoxo

  2. Mildred Fierce says:

    A “cone” of celebrity?

    Someone had a dry sherry mid mornin

  3. TaTa4Now says:

    Isn’t the gos that Gwiiin was staying with Winona and stole the script for Shakespeare from her, and then lobbied hard for the part behind her back. Shady shady shady

  4. twiggy twiggy says:

    Maybe she doesn’t realize that all of that dirty laundry she wants to keep under wraps … we already know it all? If there are no new revelations in that story then it’s a non-event. [off to watch Sandy rap to Sugarhill Gang again]

    • barfyburger says:

      I agree. Wasn’t the Madonna/Tracy fall-out because Tracy fell in love with some dude Madonna employed in the R.M schools? He royally ripped her off financially, so when Tracy wanted Madonna to endorse the T.A. gym/workout, and Tracy got more involved with ripoff dude(even marrying him) Madonna cancelled on Tracy. Then Gwyneth took up the reins Madonna left off, Madonna did the f-you.

  5. Mildred Fierce says:

    I’ll laugh if that woman who wrote in with the Gwiiin story gave them a call

  6. Flffgrrrlr says:

    Looking forward to this so much. When when when?

  7. milk says:

    sooo what’s the deal with winona and gwen?

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