Are Madonna and Sean Penn Back Together? – Couple Spend Thanksgiving in Haiti

Madonna has spent the past few days with ex-husband Sean Penn in Haiti with her son Rocco Richie. The 55-year-old Empress of pop (that that Lady Blah Blah) was invited by the ambassador-at-large for the earthquake-ravaged country, 53, in the hopes that she'll start a charity foundation there - which would presumably be similar to 'Raising Malawi'.
The actor said in a phone call to the AP from Haiti on Monday : "She's here, she's seeing, she's made the effort to come here, and I'm thrilled by that," before adding: "She has a unique platform, and wherever she chooses to bring that to, it's very well."
There's speculation that Madge might be thinking of adopting from Haiti and that a Thanksgiving turkey's not the only thing Sean's going to be stuffing tomorrow - as it were. Baby Brahim Zaibat's been back in France for months now (he's doing the French version of Dancing With The Stars), so we can officially call time on that relationship. A part of me desperately wants Madonna to find happiness in her love life ; and in so many ways Sean is her soul-mate, professional social and intellectual equal and probably the best sex she's ever had in her entire life to date as well. He said on Monday that they have a "great friendship" and even after their rocky marriage ended in divorce in '89 -  almost twenty-four years ago - they never really lost contact. But with people whispering that they're back together, many have rightly raised concerns over the fact that Sean tied his then-wife to a chair and beat her for hours in a horrifying attack in December 1989 - two years after he hit her across the head with a baseball bat. Whilst that's obviously appalling, Sean has changed since then - he's channelling his anger and frustration with the world outwards by helping others rather than turning it inwards and drinking around the clock or beating people to a pulp. Personally I think that we could be seeing them re-marrying and Sean running for President of the United States or something crazy - with Madonna as his supportive, yet steely wife. Stranger things have happened but Madge is a shrewd, much older and wiser woman than she was back when they were married the first time and I think we don't have any cause for concern - if there's even a whiff of the old Sean she'll leave.

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19 Responses to Are Madonna and Sean Penn Back Together? – Couple Spend Thanksgiving in Haiti

  1. Ellen says:

    They are perfect for each other

  2. Brina says:

    JFC. Someone needs to help that woman. How could she take him back after what he did to her? He’s a psychopath. I can’t even begin to understand this, it’s so wrong.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Getting back to your extremely abusive ex, no matter how much time that has passed by, is absolutely *not* a good idea – at all. Ever. He abused her in every possible way; physically, emotionally, verbally and sexually – that is inexcusable, and for the most part, unforgivable. And if that is something one chooses to forgive – for whatever reason – then at least be smart enough to never forget, and actually *learn* from what happened. If you go back, then you’ve learned nothing. Because when you’ve learned from your mistakes, you don’t do the same thing again, and expect a different result.

    People with antisocial personality disorder (which Penn’s behaviour is indicative of) are almost impossible to treat, and that is a fact. And the people who chose to ignore this fact, and stubbornly hold on to the belief that they could change these people through love and patience, usually did not get a fairytale ending. On the contrary.

    That said, Madonna being the controlling, unpleasant narcissist that she is, maybe that’s the kind of partner she, to a certain extent, deserves?

    • SarahLou says:

      Seriously?! A woman “deserves” to be beaten and raped by a partner, just because she’s a bit of a cow?!?

      Way to victim blame there, and not take the credit for it, “Anonymous”. Unbelievable.

      • Anonymous says:

        Read the comment, in its entirety, again – carefully this time. Did you not see “to a certain extent”? It was put in there for a reason; a reason which, evidently, went completely over your head.

        The woman is not just “a bit of a cow,” she is a complete narcissist (which overlaps ASPD, hence the “deserve to a certain extent” part; ergo ASPD being what I was referring to); who’s extremely controlling, passive-aggressive, arrogant, chronically condescending, self-absorbed and cynical. And I would be shocked if she *wasn’t* verbally, psychologically and emotionally abusive.

        So, you see, I would rather her be with her “soul mate,” as some have quite tragically called it, than with a person who isn’t her equal in the personality department. I sympathise with actual *victims* of abuse; not people who are, more or less, just as toxic as their toxic partners. And in a relationship with Madonna, there will more than likely be either one toxic person, or two toxic people; and the latter scenario is contextually more fair than the former one.

        Does this still seem like “victim blaming” to you? Because if it does, then perhaps it’s not your reading skills that’s the issue here, but rather your reading comprehension skills.

  4. Bender says:

    She’s off her rocker to go back to someone who purposely hit her with a baseball bat. People change but there are some relationships that need to stay in the past IMO.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Yes I agree. I had a boyfriend who wasn’t even as bad as that but still angry woman beaters are the lowest of the low. He was pretty amazing in the sack, but still, as foolish as I can be, I was done for good the second he showed his true colours.

      I hope Madge doesn’t go back there, but it is looking that way, folks.

  5. Richard says:

    Madonna, NO. Nobody changes that much. We all know the crazies are great in bed and that is might hard to resist, darling, but they end up hurting you emotionally because they don’t and can’t love anyone. That’s because they don’t love themselves and will never work out how.

  6. Tequila Mockingbird. says:

    He’s using her still being hung up on him to further his own interests. Bastige. I believe her father was rather angry and fisty and that’s why she goes for men, yes, plural who beat her. I’m told someone else (coughs, a Guy) was rather violent too.

    • Powermaster says:

      We all have our weaknesses. And a fear of aging and an inability to say no to hard, rough, angry, sex are (just two) of Madonna’s.

  7. Powermaster says:

    Random rumor: he was supposedly at Lourdes’s birth.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Yeah they’ve always stayed close, which is presumably why she dropped those awful police charges before filing for divorce and saying publicly, ‘God bless him but keep him far from me’.

      Gah why are relationships of the heart so complicated.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Oh wow, this paragraph says a lot:

      Above all, Ingrid is no competition for Madonna. Although five years younger, she doesn’t compete for men or women. For more than 15 years, Ingrid will endure in Madonna’s life because she doesn’t need Madonna for money, keeps her mouth shut and adores her without question or limitations.
      It wouldn’t surprise me if my sister and Ingrid are having intimate relations. But Madonna never confirms or denies it.
      When they are going to a party together, at the last minute Madonna often tells Ingrid that she can’t ride in her car because there is no room. Ingrid will be devastated. But in a club, Madonna will give Ingrid a big kiss on the lips or cheek, and for the next few months Ingrid will live on that moment.

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