Audio: Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Stars As Rizzo From Grease

Well I've been wondering where Lourdes Leon has been recently and now we know- she's been busy preparing for her role as Betty Rizzo in her school's production of Grease. The 17-year-old starred in the stage musical at New York's LaGuardia High School over the weekend with proud mum Madge cheering her lookalike daughter on as she belted out songs including, "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" and "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" (listen above). Lolgasm at Madonna the stage mom with Lola pushing her out of the way to get to the paps first. And Lourdes even won praise from the New York Daily News' theatre critic who said:
"[Lourdes] had comic chops and confidence on stage. "She delivered Rizzo's zingers with hands on her hips and a lot of attitude." 
So the lucky thing has inherited her mother's looks, singing and dancing talent but thankfully not her acting inability. At least she can fall back on classic film turkeys like Swept Away if she needs a lesson in what not to do behind a camera. Source

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7 Responses to Audio: Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Stars As Rizzo From Grease

  1. Jameson says:

    Her voice sounds pretty good!

  2. milk says:

    rizzo is the role amy winehouse played in her performing arts school version of grease.

  3. Boadaciousbetty says:

    I’m really impressed!

  4. Flffgrrrlr says:

    But I think queen Madge hates her a bit. Surely.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Either she sees her on that stage and sees herself at that age but with all the opportunity, money, fame and chances she never had and feels really happy for Lola that she won’t suffer like she did. Or she looks at her and sees her lost youth – coupled with the fact that she has all the above and seethes.

  5. GoddessM says:

    LaGuardia is the High School for the Performing Arts– you know “Fame.” Lourdes sounded good.

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