Watch Karl Lagerfeld’s New Pet Kristen Stewart Talk About Chanel

It’s Friday evening pretty much and Karl Lagerfeld’s here to give you a giggle to laugh-start your weekend.

As well as rather head-scratchingly signing up Kristen Stewart as the new face of Chanel this week, the way past his sell-by date nonagenarian has been over in Texas in the States, scowling at anyone who looks like they may have eaten solids this year and overseeing the Métiers d’Art fashion show.

What’s brilliant about Kanterfeld’s latest senile signing is that K-Stew now has to give Chanel ambassador interviews and pretend to be interested in the clothes – although in the one below she barely suppresses a laugh and talks so fast I’m presuming she snorted a bit too much of the powdered espresso that so often keeps models awake backstage.

Karl also gave an interview – which I love because you don’t really need to listen to what he says, his Franco-Germanic accent is entertaining enough on its own.

Count how many times he says “ergh?” in one minute as the old biddy gropes for words to express himself.

Then curl up with video of the show itself and chuckle as you imagine Kristen having to sit through it and make out as if she’s above it all, with that freshly-cut Chanel cheque burning a hole in her pocket.

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15 Responses to Watch Karl Lagerfeld’s New Pet Kristen Stewart Talk About Chanel

  1. Fozziebear says:

    Deary me. Kristen certainly seems to have plonked her head in a Scarface style powdery table before doing this little interview.

  2. Aisling O'Connor says:

    I just want him to judge me once Karen Walker-style with plenty of ‘uhm’s.

    • Clagnut says:

      The uhms just tickle me so much. But I like how he admits that really his team does all the work.

      • Clagnut says:

        BUt getting other people in explains the fact that he didn’t just get a cowboy hat and plaster it with the double C logo and send it down the runway with a bunch of other double c covered tat. I wouldn’t wear any of this but it’s okay fashion-wise.

  3. Jameson says:

    You laid it out perfectly.
    I don’t understand what’s going on. She does not represent Chanel or even an element of coming off like the rebel she thinks she is.

  4. Peggy Guggenheim says:

    Is she pretty? I’m serious. I don’t understand her celebrity.

  5. DD says:

    I don’t see her as high fashion.

  6. Robyn says:

    Kristen and Karl suit each other both creepy!

  7. Annemarie says:

    Who the heck thought of making her the face of Chanel she is so not classy and so does not suit the brand..

  8. Jody says:

    A big mistake on Chanel’s part she will downgrade the brand.

  9. Brain in a jar says says:

    Does this mean Balenciaga have dropped her or can she do both?

  10. Brain in a jar says says:

    btw I like the music in the videos.

  11. Pamela says:

    She is a an odd fit for Chanel.

  12. Jr says:

    That video is like a parody. It is like someone is taking the piss.

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