Christmas Chortle: Celebrity Look-alikes

Seeing as ‘ tis not only the season to be jolly, but also the silly season, I thought I’d share some celebrity look-alikes that have recently appeared on my radar in an attempt to tickle your ribs.  So sit back, top up your mulled wine and let me know if you agree… 1.       Brad Pitt and Hermann Rorschach I don’t know if the 50-year old, fragrant, “inevitable” actor has much else in common with the Swiss Freudian psychiatrist, but slap me around and call me Susan, aren’t they dead ringers? As Mr Jolie-Pitt’s looks slide at a rate of knots down the handsomometer, it’s important that we recognize there was once a time when he could have told us all that it was actually he who invented the famous inkblot test and we all would have believed him.  Before he completely morphs into Mickey Rourke, I really hope Angelina directs Brad in a dramatization of the psychiatrist’s life…I’ll even write the script for them, if they ask nicely.  Suggestions on a postcard, but for now, the working title is: Meet Joe Black Ink2.       Gail McIntyre and ET The second look-alike I would like to bring to your attention has been well documented, but it needs to now be recognized in the Bohomoth annals as the similarity is growing by the hour.  For those of you not familiar with the UK’s biggest soap-opera export, Coronation Street has a character called Gail McIntyre (formerly, Potter, Tilsley, Platt and Hillman, in typical soap-opera fashion) who bears an extraordinary resemblance to ET. I totally want an ET2 to star Gail, with the plot loosely revolving around a cantankerous mother alien trying to escape from her serial killer husband, all the while sewing knickers in a factory and spewing out ugly progeny.  Move over Spielberg - this one has ‘John Waters’ name written all over it…  3.       Jodie Foster and Julia Gillard I’m sorry, but this is uncanny.  The former Ozzie PM is a complete dead ringer for double Oscar winner Jodie – and there’s only a year between them in age, too. Other similarities include the fact that both are atheists, both have BA degrees and whilst Julia was born in Barry, Wales, Jodie, er, once spoke to a man named Barry… 4.       Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare Shakespeare in Love was soooo mis-cast.  If I was John Madden, the director of said film, I would have accidentally lost Joseph Fiennes’ number and replaced it with that of Paul Giamatti.  Not only does the latter look like The Bard actually spat him out, he’s arguably a better actor too. I’m glad to see Paul is at least going back to (vaguely) the right era given his current choice to star in Madame Bovary, but I really want to see him don a pair of tights and morris dance through the streets of Stratford-Upon-Avon, dropping sonnets and tragedies wherever he goes.  I’m pretty convinced these two are brothers by another mother, albeit born 400 years apart.  Well, 403 to be precise… 5.       Miley Eejit and Albert Einstein Now I know the names ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘Albert Einstein’ don’t often appear in the same sentence, but I’ve just noticed a sneaking similarity; trouble is I just can’t put my finger on it.  Or to be more precise, I won’t put my finger on it for fear of catching herpes.  You see, the genius physicist (that’s Einstein not Cyrus, by the way) and the young, ahem, ‘entertainer’, both share a strange predilection for sticking their tongues out. Why, is anyone’s guess.  Mind you, they could have something worse in common, but somehow I think the sight of a young Albert twerking would have knocked the earth off its axis.  At least now, I finally understand what that equation was all about...E(ejit)=M(iley) C(yrus)2  

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Ant0scar first came to prominence as the inspiration behind Roland Mouret’s White Collection. Having subsequently turned his attention to writing, he has been twice nominated as best writer on Bohomoth and hopes to soon turn his love of short stories into a Day-Time Emmy Award, an Oscar and possibly a Grammy. When he’s not negotiating lower sauvignon blanc prices, Ant0scar enjoys socializing with Kate Moss, street-dancing and advanced dressage. He lives in exile with his husband on a barge with four imaginary Great Danes, a tarantula and a cardboard cut-out of Beyoncé. He must never be challenged...
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6 Responses to Christmas Chortle: Celebrity Look-alikes

  1. Jen Paul says:

    OMG LOL! after a morning spent dealing with a mountain of hassles too gigantic to list I needed that laugh . xxxxxxx

  2. Patty Anne says:

    Loved the comparisons, loved the humorous commentary even more.

  3. Grey Goose Gardens says:

    Genius, all of them.

  4. Boadaciousbetty says:

    Hur hur :P

  5. Wavy Davy says:

    Oh you do make me laff Sir!

  6. Siska says:

    Ha.ha..the Albert Einstein thing is funny

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