As D-Day Looms, Are Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry on the Rocks As Well?

Halle and Olivier split? You know what they say at this time of year: Out with the old and in with the new. Unfortunately, that all-too-often applies to marriages, as couples find being pent-up for two weeks straight with nothing to do but eat, drink and sleep, combined with the stress of the festive season, too much. Tomorrow is also known as 'D-Day' as it is traditionally the most busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers. So my advice is think twice and take a time out for a few weeks if you're currently considering starting 2014 flying solo - it's probably not you or your other half, it's Christmas fever that's to blame. So if us normals are taking the fast track to the divorce courts this January, which celebrity couples won't be here this time next year? - Rumour has it that Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry (both 47) are on the outs - "rocky" is the word that's being used to best describe the relationship at present. Are we surprised? This is the couple that just over one year ago got pregnant during a post-row make-up sex session after Nahla Aubry's mommy's new man had been issued with a restraining order for blacking daddys' eye before the Thanksgiving turkey was even out of the oven. Let's just pause to remind ourselves of the results of Olivier's short man fighting complex and what the 5'10" Paris-born actor did to Halle's now 38-year-old model ex and Nahla's father (6'2") in the driveway after he called over to the house on Thanksgiving morning 2012 - as Halle and Nahla screamed in terror inside. Gabriel Aubry Do we think that Olivier's helping Halle out with multiple night feeds and diaper duty when it comes to the care of their son Maceo since his arrival in early October? My guess is that the French actor had barely ever even held a newborn let alone stayed with one in the same house overnight and that living with a baby has come as a rude awakening - in so many more ways than one. Your sex life dwindles to nothing and the house revolves around the baby - not you and for many men that's a bitter pill to swallow. Olly's probably one of those men who wants to beat his chest about 'my son' and then hand him to his mother to look after while he goes out and gets drunk - just as he did before becoming a parent. Rather than spend Christmas with Halle, step-daughter Nahla, 5, and a screaming bundle of insta-exhaustion, Olivier invited his mother Rosemarie and brother Vincent over from France to stay in Los Angeles for the entire festive season. They haven't been spotted out with Halle once although she was snapped with a female friend and Nahla at the beach on December 21st - Nahla was in pyjamas so perhaps they even escaped the marital home for a few nights and left their visitors and Olivier to it?. I know I would. Meanwhile, Oliver, plus his mother and brother, have been spotted stocking up on booze (no food) at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills, going to the Getty Museum in Brentwood - whilst smoking cigarettes and having a generally jolly old (Halle-free time). Halle and Olivier were last seen together when they took Nahla to see a stage production of The Lion King on December 7th - which is almost a month ago. Having a baby is testing for the strongest of relationships but having one with a man who's too selfish and set in his ways to be able to change is never a good idea. What was it a source told me in response to accusations about Olivier cheating on Kylie Minogue when he was filming Taking Lives in Canada with Angelina Jolie back in 2003? - Ah yes, a rather outraged and defensive, "Olivier's not a monk!". I don't think anyone could blame Halle if, after sitting around for the past two weeks listening to the Martinez clan getting slowly drunk, whilst stinking of cigarettes and rattling on to each other in a language she doesn't really understand - while she's left holding the baby - if she's going to be one of the millions who flocks to a divorce lawyer first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe they're fine and this is just a post-baby rocky patch, and they won't call in the divorce lawyers - yet. The writing's on the wall though - I very much doubt anyone in their circle ever expected it to last, especially given both the tumultuous history and their previous relationship track records. All I can say is thank goodness that judge refused to let Halle and Nahla move to France eh?

About Jen Paul (BOHOMOTH)

Jenny Paul is a veteran showbiz reporter who is based in Cannes in the south of France. She has worked on major breaking news stories over the past decade and more for entertainment news outlets worldwide including: Us Weekly (USA), People magazine (USA), E! News (USA) ABC News (USA), The New York Post (USA), The Sun (UK), The Mirror (UK), The Daily Mail, (UK), The Mail on Sunday (UK) and many others too numerous to mention. She firmly believes that love, truth, hugs, dogs and the power of laughter make the world a better place.
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20 Responses to As D-Day Looms, Are Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry on the Rocks As Well?

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  2. BusyBee says:

    Plus Halle is said to be crazy pants anyway. That paired with Olivier’s wandering eye and both their egos is disaster

  3. MHU says:

    I have never thought they’d actually make it very long.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What will be interesting is what Olivier does regarding custody of the baby….Halle has been spending a fortune on Olivier trying to keep him happy…
    She got off cheap on her other divorces ….I doubt this one will be an easy affair, he’ll want a baby bonus..
    Also if it’s true and it’s a big IF she may not have used her own egg…so if he knows that and has a DNA test preformed all hell will break loose.

  5. Dee says:

    Wait a minute here…..what is this that “Oliver Martinez and Angelina Jolie were shagging in 2004, on the set of Taking Lives”??

    Also wasn’t Jolie sleeping with Colin Farrell at that time also, on the set of Alexander? She was auditioning him for Maddox’s next Daddy. Although he is/was a hit it and quit it guy back then.

    Also, wasn’t Angelina already knocking boots in the trailer with Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith??

    Holy Crap, Angelina was sure having a busy 2004!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please remember The Saint only had sex with 4 men before Brad…HAHAHAHAHA this just keeps getting better..

    • Jen Paul says:

      I am officially a spanner. I meant 2003. Wrote this in a post- festive season tiredness haze.

      Early 2004 she was sleeping with Colin and Jonny Lee Miller as well as Ralph Fiennes. Then she moved swiftly on to Braddy daddy.

  6. Flffgrrrlr says:

    Isn’t Halle supposed to be batshit and fury filed too?

  7. Jameson says:

    Bang on with Olivier. You’ve got him nailed down to a T.

  8. Sassy says:

    huh they got married? i missed that one

  9. xyz says:


  10. Jack Ketch says:

    Apparently she’s one of the world’s biggest bitches anyways. Can’t stand her. Never could. Huge ego.

  11. Truth says:

    Olivier martinez is not father matériali oh maceo looks like à real short midget not à looker at all. Maceo is to short to little for a boy maceo took his height from rosemarie so maceo will bé 5 feet

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