How to Look Less Tired and More Like a Dewy Eyed Damsel

How to look less tired I have not tried giving up smoking or drinking, going to bed early, living on healthy food or exercising because I don't want to. I am also not prepared to try George Clooney's favourite trick of submerging your head in a sink of ice water for as long as you can stand it.  I did try drinking 1-2 litres of water a day - after 3 months of constant peeing - no difference at all.

George clooney ice water trick

So here is my foolproof method for looking as much like a dewy eyed 20-year-old as is possible: 1.  Eye Drops - for hay fever/dryness are cheap from the pharmacist and will calm down any irritation or dryness ie. from reading the computer for ages. It is safe to use every few hours and it will make your eyes look whiter.  (Ask your pharmacist for sodium cromoglicate eye drops.) 2.  Keep your eye serum or moisturiser in the fridge - it will be lovely and cooling when you pat it on. 3.  Mineral powder foundation - this is the magical powder that vanishes all blemishes on Sheer Cover's infomercials - which I find completely hypnotising: before After Sheer Cover Sheer Cover is fine but I really think you need to go to your local makeup shop and have the shade matched to you rather than order it sight unseen.  You only have to go and be colour matched once and after that you can order all your makeup with one click online.  I like Mac because they are affordable, good quality and their make up doesn't give me any allergic reactions. The magical powder from Mac is called Mineralize SPF15 Foundation Loose Powder.  If you can't get to a Mac store there will be other mineral foundation powders at your local make up store. How to get the right colour foundation for your skin tone If you have no idea at all go to your local make up counter and ask them to find the right shade concealer and mineral powder foundation for your skin tone. When they have applied the foundation to your face, go outside into the daylight and look in a mirror.  Does it match your skin as closely as possible?  Or does it have an obvious stripe where the foundation ends?  If it does, they have not got the right colour for you; make them keep looking until it looks right. When they show you the foundation and concealer that matches you; write the names and shades down.  Also, ask them if you are; very fair, fair, medium, olive or dark.  Does the foundation they have matched to you look pinky or yellowy?   Write all this down. I recommend you buy the Mac Mineralize Loose Foundation Powder but not concealer.  The only concealer I can wholeheartedly recommend (and I have tried drawers full) is Ben Nye Total Cover (see below). 3.  Silicone Concealer - this is amazing newly invented stuff used on tv and film sets.  I use and recommend the Ben Nye Media Pro Total Cover-All Wheel £26.50 BenNyeCoverAll SK100 is for light-medium skin tones SK200 is for very fair - light skin tones If you are in London you can go to the Guru Emporium shop at Studio 4, Filmer Mews, 75 Filmer Road, Fulham, London SW6 7JF Telephone: +44(0)207 731 4646 and have them find your shade and show you how to apply it. There is a cheaper 4 colour small Ben Nye Conceal All Wheel but I don't know if you'll be able to match your skin tone as well as with the 6 colour ones.  It's £10.50 and available here. How to apply perfect foundation in 10 minutes Take a round ended make up brush about 1cm wide how to apply perfect foundation   To conceal bags and darkness around the eyes; you ideally need to choose 2 shades of concealer.  First a layer slightly lighter than your skin colour and then a layer slightly darker to prevent having obvious light patches of concealer around the eyes - see Nicole Kidman below.  If you can't be bothered you can use just one shade of concealer but make sure it is not lighter than your skin tone. Make up fail nicole kidman Just brush on a little of the concealer you think is the right shade and see if it matches the skin around your eye, if not try again.  The shade in the middle of the Ben Nye wheel is too light for anything except professional highlighting and ignore the green and yellow shades for now.  When you have decided on your  2 shades, do the slightly lighter one first: Using the pad of your thumb as an artist's palette: Put a tiny blob of your eye serum/moisturiser on the pad of your thumb.  Brush the concealer several times with your brush and then mix it with the moisturiser thoroughly, add more concealer to the mixture until there's enough to do all around your whole eye.  I think of it as like mixing polyfilla :o) Cover bag with polyfilla Brush on around the entire eye area, including the inner curve of the bridge of your nose, where there is a vein that makes the corner of the eye look dark.  Cover your top lid and a large triangle over the whole of your under eye bag (I've seen Naomi Campbell do this!).  The only area you want to avoid is the 'crows feet' as make up sinks into wrinkles and emphasises them.   Then pat all around your eye with your index finger to blend.  Repeat this with the slightly darker shade of concealer. Quickly cover any red patches etc. on the rest of your face using the slightly darker concealer and your index finger.  Remember to cover around your nose, mouth and chin. To Finish - Take a big fat sable brush and gently dust the whole of your face with the Mineral Powder Foundation (including around and under your eyes) in circular strokes. Now you're ready for your close up no matter how late you were out last night! audrey pink tiara Love Scarlett xoxoxxo What tricks do you use to look less tired? - Let us know below...

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14 Responses to How to Look Less Tired and More Like a Dewy Eyed Damsel

  1. Jen Paul says:

    Absolutely LOVE this Scarlett. I actually got so sucked in by the sheer cover ads that I signed up for it and am totally addicted to mineral make up now. It does def make a difference. The blue coloured eye drops work miracles and the other one is wear a huge statement necklace to distract people from your face! hehe. Works.

  2. Scarlett says:

    I don’t want to be distracted from your lovely face!
    S xoxoxxoxo

  3. CeeCee says:

    Love this post!! I find that a cream blush applied with foundation brush in a coral-pink that matches my natural flush (cream sinks into tired dry skin and sits better than powder I think) and slight contouring with bronzer under cheeks and at temples work wonders to lift face and skin. Curled lashes, one coat of mascara, and a lightly tinted gloss also help! Am going to try the Ben NYE colour wheel.

    (Re Kidman, I think her problem in this pic was actually caused by HD face powder, which is reflective against camera flash. Bad mistake by her MUA. )

  4. Anonymous@748 says:

    Thank you thank you thank you, Scarlett.

    I REALLY needed this. I have been looking so tired and we all know that makes us look OLD.

    Thanks especially for the tip to out stuff in fridge. Why didn’t I think if that?

  5. Anonymous says:

    going to look into the concealer wheel

  6. hello_vodka_are_you_there_its_me_mom says:

    Ah Scarlett, I need this right now at this very moment. The trash men threatened to take my eye bags out along with the post- holiday bags of trash the other morning etc.

    You will think I’m crazy but seriously seriously try this ->. Get an egg white and use it as a facemask for a few while you’re getting ready, it’ll tighten your skin and it works crazy well. Try it.

  7. Love, love, love this Scarlett! Jam-packed with brilliant tips I will be employing for a thing I have to go to tonight but am so tired I almost can’t be bothered. Now I am challenging myself to magic the wear off my face.

    BTW a make-up artist at Giorgio Armani in Sak’s Fifth Avenue in NYC told me to mix your under eye concealer with a good eye cream and then apply to wake up tired eyes.

  8. DD says:

    I definitely need to look less tired.

  9. MHU says:

    I love the tips! Thanks!

  10. Lady-Wood. says:

    I loved this Scarlett. Thanks!! xx.

  11. Scarlett says:

    Thanks for all the positivity ladies.
    Scarlett xoxoxox

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