Charlene Wittstock: Lunch with ‪‎Mandela‬’s Grandson and the Secret Behind THAT Teary Wedding Day

princess charlene Princess Charlene of Monaco's had a busy festive season and has been visiting children and people in hospital in the tiny Mediterranean principality as well as popping over to South Africa with Albert last week. Other than that, presumably the 35-year-old's had her feet up sampling the best food and wine on offer in the palace up on the rock and secretly chuffing Marlboro Lights out of the bedroom window whilst taking a break in the festivities for powdering her nose. Look how snowy it was in Monaco over Christmas - perfect weather for staying home and partying. Charlene Wittstock Their early January trip to South Africa was to meet with Nelson Mandela's grandson - Mandla - to discuss joining forces on a potential rural development, more of this later. I've been over in Monaco recently and found out a few snippets about what's going on with the former South African Olympic swimmer. First of all - about that teary wedding day. The Palace and a local, very influential Monegasque business - whom I won't name for obvious reasons - had a nasty falling out in the months before the big day and apparently Charlene was convinced that they were the ones spreading rumours about HSH Prince Albert. She and Albert had dreamed about the wedding for a long time beforehand and were devastated that it had been tarnished and wasn't at all the happy celebration they had planned for it to be with near-military precision. Which is understandable. I would be pretty furious, sad and upset as well. Cut to now: Charlene and Albert are happy, but she is still finding it "a bit" difficult adjusting to royal life and having staffers walking into their bedroom first thing in the morning pretty much unannounced. Make no mistake - she's not being held captive in Monaco or being forced to produce an heir either. This is 2014, not Medieval times. Charlene's described as someone who knows exactly what she wants and believe you me she WANTS to be Monaco's Princess. I don't blame her. Monaco's a really private place and Charlene's far more able to live with minimal press intrusion in exquisite luxury than, say, Kate Middleton is. If you're going to be a royal - go do it in Monaco. Mega laughs minimum hassle. Check them out boogying on down with the people at an Iggy Pop concert in the Principality back in 2010. Prince Albert Princess charlene Charlene's described by everyone as very chatty, normal and down to earth and spends her days doing Zumba classes and going about her daily life in a fairly "regular" way (as much as you can do when surrounded by bodyguards and maids). Albert's a good guy, acutely worldy-wise and passionate about quietly raising money for charities around the globe and using his position of influence well. Their trip to South Africa is just a small example of that - I can't imagine Wills and Kate visiting Mandla Mandela for a six-hour lunch to discuss working together on charitable projects without a full press corps in tow. As can be expected with someone who's gone after a dream and grabbed it with both hands several times in her lifetime, she's also described as "self-obsessed" and will often turn any casual conversation back to being about herself. (That's probably to be expected with suddenly being a Princess and having a fleet of adoring, attentive staff seeing your every need is fulfilled to your satisfaction). However, everyone's in agreement that she's a good match for Prince Albert - who needs a partner who'll work and play as hard as he does and is more than just a pretty face. princess charlene Anyway, for extra lols, here's a photo if her being kissed by one of her Monegasque subjects during a gift ceremony in the gerontology service at the Princess Grace Hospital over the holidays. Bless.

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7 Responses to Charlene Wittstock: Lunch with ‪‎Mandela‬’s Grandson and the Secret Behind THAT Teary Wedding Day

  1. There aren’t many women who can carry off a floor-length kilt. Charlene and Tilda are two of few.

  2. spinner says:

    *sigh* I just love the floor-length kilt outfit. I wish I could pull that off but alas, tis not for me. I would look so squat. That said, she is a beautiful woman & I’ve always thought that she is there because she wants to be.

  3. SarahLou says:

    That is the orangest old lady I’ve ever seen. I salute you, madam.

  4. Iluvfishsticks says:

    i’m starting to love Charlene. (How did that happen?) Girl’s got Alby round her little finger (in more ways than one by sound of it).

  5. Iluvfishsticks says:

    U buried this but i love the bit about how she rabbits on about herself non-stop. Ha.

  6. twiggy twiggy says:

    I like the detail about HSH Bertie (sorry, I re-watched King’s Speech over xmas) quietly raising funds and awareness for worthy causes using his influence. Key word: “quietly”. He doesn’t need to Tweet on about Indiegogo like us normals, or release giant press statements followed by rounds on all the chat shows. That’s the truly classy way to go about it, and I respect that.

  7. Jr says:

    All I wanted when I toured the Palace was mentions of Stephanie. I got nothing. I think she needs a comeback.

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