Was It Kate Middleton’s Idea For Prince William To Move Out For Ten Weeks?

William and Kate

Prince William started a ten-week residential stint at Cambridge University this morning – where he’ll study a “tailored” agricultural course far from baby Prince George “screaming his head off” at Kensington Palace in London.

The 31-year-old prince is famously a bit of a bimbo and obviously only wangled his place at the elite educational establishment because he’s a royal.

And, of course when he’s King, he will have a whole fleet of advisors to educate him on modern farming practices anyway.

But Prince Harry gave us a hint about the real decision behind Wills opting for a two and a half month live-in course at Cambridge whilst he was on his trek to the South Pole late last year:

“My brother, I think he’s just quite jealous I managed to get away from a screaming child.”

I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Kate Middleton who is set to celebrate her 32nd birthday this Wednesday alone (as she did last year) because her husband’s off playing at being one of us normals.

Wills and Kate just like us

Or, did canny Kate persuade him into it to get him out from under her feet at home – leaving her to buy her own birthday gift on her platinum Visa ensuring she gets exactly what her heart desires this year rather than receiving yet another item that once belonged to William’s mother?

We all know having your other half interfering with the baby constantly and making a mess around your home 7 days a week after you’ve been used to having the place to yourself in the day can be quite the opposite of domestic bliss.

I expect the Scrabble board’s been slammed shut in frustration with one or both storming off to the other side of the Palace in a rage more than once over the past few months and with them going to Sydney, Australia for a month as of April a little space is probably a good thing.

Good old supportive wife, Catherine, eh?

Kate Middleton gif

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11 Responses to Was It Kate Middleton’s Idea For Prince William To Move Out For Ten Weeks?

  1. Pamela says:

    Hope they’re still going strong.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many a dad wishes for the same…

  3. Hungry_Cockasaurus says:

    Hmmmmm. I don’t like William rushing off to farming school one bit. If i was kate I would be LIVID.

  4. cal says:

    William, Prince of England:

    Many frustrations and setbacks with Pluto and Uranus whacking Mars ( in the 9th house of foreign lands and travel ). October and November crucial, with March 2014 and mid-2014 having even greater upheavals.

    Because 2014 is just total turmoil for the Royal Family. Also getting severely affected by Pluto and Uranus lunacy are Camilla, Kate, William, Edward, Phil and Zara, as well as Lizzy.

    • Jen Paul says:

      sorry love, that comment was grabbed by the spam robot, it gets testy about links is all ;) Wow, I wonder what sort of turmoil that could be? Philip dying?

      • cal says:

        No worries, Thanks Jen.

        I think the site includes the Queen, and it looks like that might be the case. Unfortunately we can’t live forever. But looking at their ages, as well as the last late Queen Mother – it show’s a life of pampering, without real stress, does favor a long life!!

  5. LilliaFair Fairtax says:

    Its very good idea given by the Kate Middleton for the Prince William.

  6. Fifie says:

    William looks like Prince Andrew in that “normal” person picture.

    • Iluvfishsticks says:

      ha yes he does. i’d also love to watch wills and kate on the royal job. Please please let them decide to make like a normal and release a sex tape.

  7. supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus says:

    Those Middletons girls. They really do make the best of what they’ve got, don’t they? She’s not classically drop dead gorgeous by any means. I love that.

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