Tom Cruise’s Best Friend David Miscavige Sent Sweary Rants To Scientologists

TomCruiseDavidMiscavige A fresh pile of embarrassment has been heaped on Tom Cruise this week after court papers reveal that his best friend and Scientology's leader - David Miscavige - sent a series of abusive messages which were littered with obscene language to two senior members of the cult's staff. The 53-year-old weirdo sect boss sent the abusive missives to former $ci spokesman Tommy Davis and (now ex-Scientologist) Mike Rinder, frequently calling both men terms including, “generality infested c*ck-sucking motherf*cker” and “counter-intentioned c*cksucker" - as they stalked a BBC journalist who was making a documentary about the cult back in 2007. Miscavige - who acted as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' best man at their wedding - also used acronyms like "YSCOHB" which was short for, "You suck c*ck on Hollywood Boulevard". The film in question was Panorama's Secrets of Scientology and the two senior Scientologists harassed the journalist to the point where he exploded with rage on camera, and it was all orchestrated with military precision by a sweary Miscavige via his blackberry. Once Mike Rinder left the "church" he met up with the British journalist he'd once mercilessly stalked and they filmed a follow up to the 2007 documentary - which I've added below as it's a fascinating watch about the inner-workings of the celebrity cult. If you want to read some excerpts of the emails and texts that Miscavige sent to his two employees during this stalkathon, which show what lengths they'll go to to harass and bully anyone that they see as a threat they're on Radar Online. And at the 10m 20 mark in the video above, you can see a really good explanation of Sci stalking methods from Mike Rinder - with film of Sci goons mid-stalk. At 17m 22 they discuss how they got him to the point that Panorama's John Sweeney exploded with rage back in 2007 - using Scientology button-pressing techniques. It's fascinating. Katie Holmes Tom Cruise and David Miscavige It's terrifying to think what Katie Holmes and Suri's life would have been like had she divorced Tom Cruise even ten years ago -she'd have been followed, bullied and subject to all manner of harassment from the cult that her celebrity (and funnily enough the paps and the 24 hour celebrity news cycle) protected her from in 2012. I wonder how long it's going to be until Tom finally wakes up and leaves the cult along with all the increasing number of ex-members who are breaking the billion year contracts they once signed and fleeing from the sect in droves?

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14 Responses to Tom Cruise’s Best Friend David Miscavige Sent Sweary Rants To Scientologists

  1. Sassy says:

    ha i read that as sweaty giggle

  2. Flffgrrrlr says:

    Oooooooh we haven’t heard anything from the angry puppet master in a while. It’ll be interesting to see how they hope with being aggressive and litigious in a modern era when everything’s recorded.

    I think I’ve mentioned before, but for $ci watchers, John Sweeney’s book is awesome. It’s got all the emails sent by Miscavage complete with sweary acronyms (Rinder says deciphering the insult and therefore the intention of the email is all part of what he subjects his staff to).

    • Jen Paul says:

      I’ve GOT to get that book. I was gripped by the documentary again today.

      And yeah the insult the “YSCOHB” he sent one day to Rinder. I mean, it *could* mean: “You so could orange hair btw”. No? :( oh.

      • Jen Paul says:

        Also, i always told my kid don’t worry about insults that aren’t actually true. I said “look, if someone calls me a five foot tall dutch smurf” I’m just gonna larf cause I know it’s not true. So all Miscavige’s cock sucker insults why does he think they’re so bad? . Hmmm is someone secretly “sucking TC’s c to get him to stay in Scientology and give them $$$”. Or “STCCTGHTSISAGTD” as Miscavige would shorten it to.

        • Flffgrrrlr says:


          (Midget with massive farking anger issues and unusual attraction to movie stars including but not limited to tom cruise.)

          This is fun! He favours the exclamation mark.

          • Jen Paul says:




            Smurf eats Tom’s arse for lunch on his little knees!!!!!!!!!!

            Dayum “running Scientology” is easy!

  3. Flffgrrrlr says:

    And do you think he meant ‘genitally infested’ rather than ‘generality infested’? Interesting to note that for all his superhuman powers he hasn’t mastered predictive text.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Haha. Yeah all the messages were so badly spelt that I finally after about 2 hours concluded he was just being an angry sweary dick and got interested in the Sci secrets documentary instead.

      • Flffgrrrlr says:

        I downloaded the book onto kindle – you can get it now! But the docs are just mind blowing too – especially the second one. But I need more now! We need good old BBC to do this as the American ones are too timid.

        • Jen Paul says:

          Yah they have limited powers to scare Euros. We’d just be like fark off angry little man and would laugh at them after savagely ripping the piss out of them and sending them home in tears.

  4. MK says:

    That David Miscavige is beyond creepy!

  5. Siska says:

    Why that guy not in jail yet? If ordinary people act like that,they will be already in trouble by law,either got sued or jail term…he must be very powerful.

  6. Jr says:

    The strange thing is that every Sci I have met is so lovely. And normal. And they do not smash it over your head. But surely they get it is rubbish. I mean, aliens in your body. Come on.

    Miscavige seems like a freak. Where is the wife?

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