Scarlett Johansson: ‘I’ll Leave being the Next Martha Stewart To Someone Else’

Scar Jo Well helleau Miss thing - aren't you the little glamazon sent from the 40's to taunt the rest of womankind? When the 29-year-old wants to turn on the star-power she really can and then some and she's campaigning her Dolce and Gabbana muse socks off ahead of awards season - reminding Hollywood that she's the real deal tralala. But is that her sole driving factor at the moment or has her mind been drifting towards her ex-husband now that she's engaged to be married to a swarthy Frenchman? Stars+Making+Appearance+Late+Show+David+Letterman+Sq9i58KVSTQl Scar-Jo dropped by the Late Show With David Letterman in New York last night wearing this little lot, and I'm convinced that every single thing she does these days is designed to make a little piece of Blake Lively die inside - because she's tucking into a slice of the heaven that is Ryan Reynolds pie every night. Listen to this snippet from an interview Scarlett gave to You magazine's Jane Gordon just before Christmas:
‘I do like to bake and make cards, but don’t expect to find me in the knitting and felt section of your local craft store. 'I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as the next Martha Stewart – I’ll leave that to someone else.’
Oh no she didn't! But yes she did. And, of course Scarlett said this just as news was doing the rounds that Blake's launching some sort of Martha Stewart-esque website. Scarlett's also relocated full-time to Blake's favourite city Paris - which was probably just to ruin it for Ms. Lively should she ever want to move there because she did it first. Stars+Making+Appearance+Late+Show+David+Letterman+eYJ9hKIAPHVl And, naturally she's nominated for an Oscar this year - she probably won't win, but the nomination's for best supporting actress in Spike Jonze’s Her (in a realm of its own, as a voice only performance) so you know, Scarlett can act with her eyes closed lying in bed and do it better than her love rival Blake. Back to that You interview:
‘Am I the funniest woman in Hollywood?’ she asks. ‘It depends on the time of day but, of course, I think I am absolutely hilarious – that comes with the ego territory of acting.'
She adds: 'There is nothing wrong with an acting career in which you play the romantic lead or America’s sweetheart or the romantic comedy queen, but I have never thought of myself as playing those kinds of roles. I have always wanted to be a character actor.'
Let's tot that up: Scar-Jo's not a Martha Stewart wannabe, even though she can do all that stuff, she's hilarious but not an America's sweetheart romantic comedy queen and brilliant at acting. Scarlett Johansson She's also not over her ex husband moving on with Blake. Here she is charming the pants off Dave last night, talking about her co-star in the movie 'Her' Joaquin Phoenix turning back into a normal person again after several years in the weirdo wilderness.

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8 Responses to Scarlett Johansson: ‘I’ll Leave being the Next Martha Stewart To Someone Else’

  1. Siska says:

    Zing!,,, he,,he.,
    I still believe that Blake did the deed with Ryan when he was married…the Leonardo stuff only a camouflage.
    Love both woman..but Scarlett is way ..fierce…and interesting ..I think married life is not her forte..she will thriving more as an independent woman with string of lovers..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Blake def got Ryan on the rebound, he had Blake while filming that awful Green Lantern movie she has a thing for married men. If Scarlett hadn’t dumped him due to boredom he’d still be married to her.
    From where I sit Blake is a step down for Ryan, while Ryan is a step up for her…only time will tell.
    While Scarlett is not a girl’s girl she prefers the company of men, I still find her interesting and there is no denying her talent. Blake may be married to Ryan but she still must get night sweats over Scarlett.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Yes, yes, yes, 100% yes. Scarlett and Ryan were shagging again not long before he finally hooked up with Blake and got in a relationship. May have been around Scar-Jo Sean Penn time. I reckon Scar Jo thought Ryan would always be at her beck and call and then kind of cldn’t believe it when he rebounded with Blake. I bet Scar-JO’s way better in bed too.

  3. Flffgrrrlr says:

    Fark me, you do not want Scar-Jo as your enemy! She’s a right biatch to complete strangers – imagine if you mess with her property. I think she was done with boring affable Mr Reynolds before he starting bonking Minime Martha, but she just will not tolerate this incursion on her possession. I think she’d go a lot further than moving to Paris and marrying a French man for revenge…

  4. Gabi says:

    Scarlett is fierce, go girl!

  5. Jameson says:

    I found her annoying on Letterman last night.

  6. Emmeline says:

    The woman shouts and cannot put two words together. Boring person and a tad vulgar.

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