Paparazzi-hating Sean Penn’s A Glutton For Punishment Bagging Yet Another Blonde Starlet

Why is it that famous people simply can not go out with non-famous people?  I know all that baloney about gold-digging fame-whores just wanting to share the spotlight with their idols, but not everyone is like that, surely?  (Note to Roland Mouret: I’m not.) Sean and Charlize Sean Penn seems to be permanently linked to a blonde bombshell these days and this month’s model (quite literally) is Charlize Theron. Charlize Here she is leaving Soul Cycle gym in Beverly Hills on Sunday, looking like she’s just committed a first degree felony. 'Could that 'I want the ground to swallow me up now please' look she's got going on be because she’s just gotten wind that Madonna and Sean were sniffing around each other not so long ago and there were rumours of a reconciliation? Either way, I think Sean would be better suited to a simpler life. Great actor that he is, we all know he’s a man with a temper, and one that’s not the biggest fan of paparazzi - so why does he put himself through the rigmarole of being followed and harassed by them thanks to him inviting a constant stream of famous blondes into his bed? So Sean: consider this – go out with an unknown for a change.  No more Robins, Scarletts or Charlizes, because mark my words: as irresistible as they may be to you, all this can only end one way… Charlize theron gif Gifs via

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26 Responses to Paparazzi-hating Sean Penn’s A Glutton For Punishment Bagging Yet Another Blonde Starlet

  1. Jen Paul says:

    This is such a weird one. I’m still hoping this was all a work thing. They’ve been mates for years. Unfortunately though, Sean’s packing a bedroom arsenal that’s like catnip to blonde Hollywood stars.

  2. Jen Paul says:

    also all slebs love old Soul Cycle, don’t they? Tom Cruise is really into it. They put on these weird sort of croc type shoes and it’s supposed to be like half cycling and half flying. I bet Tom imagines David Beckham’s just out of reach and cycles up a storm.

  3. Meanwhile I am living for that giant Bottega Veneta tote. #NEED!

  4. MizEliza says:

    Flywheel is MUCH better than Soul Cycle!!

    As for why celebs only date other celebs, it not so much about the gold digging (it is a factor tho), as it is about dating someone on common ground who understands what it’s like to be famous. Being famous is the mind f*ck to end all mind f*cks, and it has a way of making a person feel different…maybe because you have people telling you you’re different all the time in a multitude of ways. And other celebs understand the game too, and the need for contracts and other legal stuff. ahem.

    I know you’re not a starf*cker Jen, dontcha worry.

  5. paramount says:

    Is she packing a ukelele in the top photo?

  6. Allie says:

    I don’t know how he does it, she’s so beautiful and he’s so…

  7. Janelle says:

    Isn’t he like 3 feet shorter than her?

  8. Charlie's in Charge says:

    She really has a type. Too bad it’s insufferable assh0les.

  9. DD says:

    Not sure why she would go for him.

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