BOHOS 2014: The ‘God Loves a Tryer’ Fashion Award


Kristen Wiig

Zosia Mamet

Mariah Carey

Jessica Biel

Alyssa Milano

Winner: Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet Emmys

God bless them, they did their best to seem like they have any inherent style or ability to allow clothes to make them look interesting, and vice versa.

Anyone who has observed Project Runway All Stars this year will point to the doll’s eyes where the host Milano’s wardrobe hurt them.

Jessica Biel’s boring beauty refused to talk to a vast sea of designer get ups. Mariah Carey wore bespoke leather studded sling to try to get on trend without stepping out of her tight dress and a pair of platform peep-toes uniform. Kristen Wiig, well, let’s just face the fact that she runs through her stylist’s show room covered in sellotape.

But tryer of the year has to be GIRLS actress, Zosia Mamet who wants so bad to be fashion forward, she ends up walking off the end of the runway.

The Globes showed a pared-back Shoshanna, so there is hope yet.

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3 Responses to BOHOS 2014: The ‘God Loves a Tryer’ Fashion Award

  1. Boadaciousbetty says:

    Lol, poor thing. Her face and drooping shoulders speak a thousand words in that photo. Good on her for trying!

    • Jen Paul says:

      She’s def trying to do a pose some fash ed told her to do. Like Lena’s “make an S shape with your body” she was told to do at the globes which looks silly.

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