Which Vitamins and Minerals Should You Be Taking To Feel Fab?

Mature woman and her choice -  pills or fruit Are Vitamins worth taking? - An ongoing question. And one where everyone has an opinion. The first thing we must all remember is that the amount of minerals and vitamins you get in foods are becoming less and less as food is coated with pesticides, takes longer to get to our plate and we eat less local food. avocado   Avocado all year round? Sure. Mangos in winter. Why not? We can get whatever fruit and vegetables we want, when we want, but they may have travelled around the world to get to us. And this travel does damage to the nutrients in the food. There is a school of thought that says the minerals are being leeched out of the earth but lets not go there right now. When the food does get to you – vitamins and minerals – especially those water soluble ones such as B and C - can take a beating. For example – vitamin C is a particularly fragile vitamin – if it gets too hot it deteriorates but it is particularly strong in FCOJ (Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice - yuck). And because of the fragile nature of some vitamins and minerals there are definitely times when supplements are required. But you do not need to be taking so many that it becomes prohibitively expensive or you are rattling as you pop them. The main complaints that people have when talking about their health are often that they lack energy, cannot sleep well, have digestive issues and are mentally fatigued. There are a few things you can take to address these common issues. “I am so tired all the time”. vitamin-b The dream vitamin for this is a B Complex. You get Bs in all sorts of foods but often not enough. The B group is found in unprocessed foods and is responsible for fat metabolizing, energy production, nerve and brain function and stress management. As they are water soluble there is no risk of toxicity and 1 in the morning will help with energy levels. Of course you will not be bouncing off the walls after 1 day. You are probably already deficient and need to get up to a regular level before seeing the benefits. “I cannot sleep” or “my digestive system is a mess”. magnesium A common side effect of exhaustion is twitching muscles. Whether it is eye twitches or leg cramps – it is a message that something is wrong. Magnesium is the answer for this. It is hard to test for deficiency, as it does not show up in blood tests. A magnesium tablet taken at night will help improve sleep and assists with muscular spasms, which will in turn help, regulate your bowels. It is also fantastic to help with PMT cravings and cramps – if you crave chocolate, you are craving magnesium and supplements will help alleviate this. “I cannot remember anything” or “I turn into a monster once a month”. fish oil omega 3 Fish oil. Fish oil. Omega 3 oils. Our ratio of consumption of inflammatory Omega 6 oils (vegetable oils, but also peanut oil, grape seed oil, cotton seed, safflower and sunflower oils) to Omega 3s is about 25:1. (It should be 3:1 – like the Eskimos and Japanese). These Omega 6 oils are what creates stickiness in the arteries, and is considered the basis of many diseases. This can be offset by upping your consumption of Omega 3s so the ratio is a bit better. These little rippers are found in oily fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds. However – a few fish oil tablets a day will do the job. They also help with memory, are great for the skin and help with PMT. “I cannot get rid of this cold” VitaminC People often have colds that last all winter. And although tests are not conclusive I believe that high dose Vitamin C will speed the cold through the system. By high dose – I mean 5 or 6 at a time. Several times a day. Too much Vitamin C can result in an upset stomach (called reaching bowel tolerance). If you are not getting to that stage the body craves it. I will not go into a free radical/unpaired electron explanation here but believe me it is a great vitamin. And amazing for the skin. And the difference between girls and boys: ZINC FOR ACNE A lecturer once said that if you have teens that the boys are more likely to become zinc deficient and girls more likely to need iron. Think about it. It makes sense. So –for the moody teen boy – load him up with zinc and your teen girls whose periods are regulating – get her eating lots of red meat or if not – an organic iron supplement washed down with vitamin c. So – I believe whole heartedly in supplements but most days I just take a B, Magnesium, and a few fish oils. Vitamin C should be every day too. Which magic supplements, vitamins and minerals do you swear by? Or do you think it's a bit of a con? Let us know... 

About Jodie Rochetich

Jodie studied for a Health Science degree (naturopathy), finished her Masters of Business last year and works in marketing. She has two Westie dogs and hopes to marry Idris Elba or Jude Law. Jodie likes movies, books, all things pop culture and is obsessed with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
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17 Responses to Which Vitamins and Minerals Should You Be Taking To Feel Fab?

  1. Jen Paul says:

    THANK YOU Jodes! I take a load of vitamins and minerals. As well as vit C, B, omega 3, I’ve been taking magnesium, evening primrose, vitamin E and I’m starting kelp because my hormones feel out of whack and I blame lack of iodine. What I’ve found out is that zinc, vitamin E are magic for spot-free skin. Omega 3 and magnesium make me feel less anxious. I don’t believe it’s all a con, no way, but i know some people do. hey if it feels good, do it i say…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Zinc is fabulous for a sore throat along with vitamin C it’s magic also if you get those pesky cold sores when you’re run down they vanish in a flash.
      I just printed this out it’s a good simple chart to keep handy, also I do the orange juice and oatmeal breakfast and do feel better …the oatmeal every morning seems to keep everything moving and that’s just how I like it.
      My only issue is with the multi woman’s supplement I take after I eat (you are right Do Not Take on an Empty stomach) I have to break the horse pill in half to get it down.

      • Jodie says:

        Oats are great. Are you feeling better on the multi?
        Sometimes they do not have enough of what you really need.

        • Anonymous says:

          yes, I feel much better…and I’m so glad avocado’s are beating the fattening rumor…we love them in salads and sandwiches …

  2. Grande_Poobah says:

    PLEASE don’t push fish oils – so detrimental for what’s left of fish stock….Flax oil is a totally acceptable alternative.

    I knock back a multi vit, 5,000iu vit D, an iron tablet (invaluable as I’m vegetarian) and a flax oil capsule a day and I’ve never felt better. Mind you, part time work, tons of running and knocking a grueling travel schedule on the head have helped as wel!

    • Jodie says:

      Take the iron with Vitamin c for better absorption.
      Especially as a vegetarian.

      Flax is good for vegetarians but not as powerful as fish oil.

      Plant-based omega-3 fats, such as flax and walnuts, are important for good health. However, only a small amount (less than 10 per cent) is actually converted into EPA and DHA. Fish oil, on the other hand, provides pre-formed EPA and DHA.
      DHA is the most important of the omega-3 fatty acids, and is responsible for the benefits.
      There are ethical fish oil products that can be bought.

  3. twiggy twiggy says:

    Also: exercise. Not the “I have to go to the gym” nonsense, unlike you enjoy going to the gym or your doctor prescribes it for you, or it’s part of your physical rehabilitation program. Never think “I have to …” because guess what? You’re not going to.

    Instead, may I suggest, in addition to Jodie’s excellent article, complementing it with some form of exercise you ENJOY? Me, I love hot yoga, running and especially swimming, then switch it up and sneak in a couple of gym sessions to balance and keep myself from getting bored. Try whatever you think you can do without stopping: run, swim, yoga, dance!!, Zumba, stretch, lift, join a team and go to every practice (basketball? volleyball? hockey? jai alai?). You don’t have to go every day of the week, but put it on the weekends and throw in one session during the week as time for yourself, if you can do it (easier said than done, especially for single parents or those who work two jobs!). Or if you can’t, then get out of the car and walk or take public transit to work, that way you’ll get some long walks in. Bike if you can / want to.

    I’m an old lady but before I retired from doing things that go bump in the night (years ago), I also found a shag to be quite acceptable form of cardio if I’m in a hurry. Those were the days!

  4. PsychoCat says:

    Thank you SO much for this. I’m a middle-aged woman and I take a supplement for joint health, (evil) fish oil – thank you for the flaxseed tip, Cilica for bones, hair and nails (the latter two are v thin in my case – unlike the rest of me) and Gingko Biloba.


  5. cal says:

    Thanks re flax seed oil. I read an article last night, regarding all the radiation from Fukushima and how that has and is affecting/effecting the fish life – it made me wonder if perhaps things like fish oil and eating Alaskan salmon should be a thing of the past. Even mentioning that the fish stocks between Japan and west coast of the US are polluted. And that mainstream media is not talking about this. http://www.educateinspirechange.org/2014/01/36-signs-media-lying-fukushima.html

    Gives more meaning to the eat locally produced food. Obviously not if you live in Japan, or near it

    And bugger, Japan was on my list of places to explore.

  6. Jodie says:

    Go to Japan. It is amazing.

    With all products we should buy ethically. Ie free range eggs, chicken, organic meat.
    The planet needs to be respected.

  7. BusyBee says:

    Magnesium makes me feel so much better, but don’t take too much, it will make you need to use the bathroom urgently

  8. ny baby store says:

    I love this. It’s so difficult to know which vitamins and minerals we need to supplement with and which are wasting important money.

  9. Nicki says:

    thanks so much, this is such an easy run down on what we should be taking, I’m 41 and have started going through peri menopause and it’s not nice! But a few vitamins here and there have helped and thank you for the tip about magnesium, I started taking one at night before bed and I seem to be now relaxing a lot better and sleeping better. I also take a Blackmores, Hair, Nails & Skin supplement and it is fantastic for my skin. I never got pimples before 35, and now those pesky hormonal spots come every month, and ths supplement reduces them dramatically

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