Cowgirls Gone Sad: Miley and Madonna’s Duet Was Far Worse Than We Imagined

photo Oh dear. I have no idea who's making Madonna's decisions for her at the moment - watching her right now is like watching a ship without a rudder, sailing aimlessly into muddy waters where there's can only be one destination - which is the entire world seeing her as a joke. po8ln3172820ce7 The 55-year-old's duet with Miley Cyrus, 21, on MTV's Unplugged aired last night (video is at the bottom of the post) and it was uncomfortable viewing at its most cringey. I always LOVED 'Don't Tell Me' (above so you can compare and contrast), it was one of Madge's best songs and the video can lift me out of a bad mood in seconds. But watching her shaky vocals and doddery dance moves as she tried to out-sex the equally-awful Miley had me reaching for the nearest pair of spoons to gouge out my eyes with. It was sad to watch. 'Don't Tell Me' was totally ruined by mashing it up with Miley's 'We Can't Stop'. And, Madonna should know better than to attempt to sing live. As the gruesome twosome sang "Please don't ever tell us to stop" like a pair of out-of-tune hounds wailing along to their owners doing a late night drunken karaoke session ALL I could think was "PLEASE STOP". Madonna and Miley Even MTV called it "weird". Watch it below and let me know what you think... There's a few other videos of Miley screeching her way through Wrecking Ball, and Jolene etc. if you can stomach it.

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Jenny Paul is a veteran showbiz reporter who is based in Cannes in the south of France. She has worked on major breaking news stories over the past decade and more for entertainment news outlets worldwide including: Us Weekly (USA), People magazine (USA), E! News (USA) ABC News (USA), The New York Post (USA), The Sun (UK), The Mirror (UK), The Daily Mail, (UK), The Mail on Sunday (UK) and many others too numerous to mention. She firmly believes that love, truth, hugs, dogs and the power of laughter make the world a better place.
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10 Responses to Cowgirls Gone Sad: Miley and Madonna’s Duet Was Far Worse Than We Imagined

  1. cal says:

    Jen, fyi – the video is unavailable in my location

  2. BB says:

    I don’t know what to say…..ah ah bum bum tss tss…really really…..i’m gonna take a nap.

  3. Charlie's in Charge says:

    Postives: Madge didn’t need her cane.

    That’s all I got.

    • Slade says:

      And her bottom half was completely covered. That was a gift. Even though, (or especially) as she was thrusting it about quite a bit

      • Jen Paul says:

        there’s been a huge backlash from the fans over this. I think Madge has finally lost her way. Bring back William Orbit!

  4. curl says:

    good lord. this was a debacle – very bad singing. 2 nasty fools in hats.

  5. Goose says:

    Miley looks like she is performing in a cheep Thai sex show.

  6. Jameson says:

    They sang it twice as Miley forgot to wear the cowboy hat the first time around.
    I didn’t like it and only know of one gay that posted it on Facebook thinking it was perfect.

  7. Boadaciousbetty says:

    Maaan, I’d forgotten just how gorgeous (pretty, even) Madge is in the Don’t Tell Me video.

    The grill NEEDS TO GO. It makes her look like her teeth are yellow from any distance.

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