RIP Vogue Magazine: The Kim Kardashian Shoot Is Underway

Kanye West has finally persuaded Anna Wintour to allow Kim Kardashian to appear in Vogue. kim_kardashian_kanye_west_wedding_dress_budget_celebrity_news_handbag (I'll wait while your jaw hits the floor). According to (who recently got hold of Lena Dunham's unphotoshopped Vogue photographs), they're shooting in Los Angeles as we speak (which explains Kum taking her hair extensions back to black on Saturday, pictured below). kim--z Now, for people who will be wondering if Anna Wintour's lost her mind, well, in a way she has, yes. Magazine sales have taken a pounding over the past few years and Vogue is no exception. Anna, like every Editor-in-Chief across the world, is no doubt in a state of panic for the fashion bible's future, and mourning for the fashion industry as was. Anna-Wintour-001 The Excel spreadsheet-reading businesswoman in her will be hoping this will translate to magazine sales, and maybe provide a boost for her pal Riccardo Tisci's designs at Givenchy (which Kimmode will most definitely be wearing) as well. I'm also wondering if this shoot isn't for the main magazine but rather for it's beleaguered younger sister Teen Vogue? But either way, something had to give - Kanye's been relentlessly been pestering/ bullying Anna for months to allow Kum to stain the pages of her magazine. [caption id="attachment_54858" align="aligncenter" width="536"]"Ima gonna stand over you staring for the rest of yo' life unless you put Kim in Vogue". Kanye: "Ima gonna stand over you staring for the rest of yo' life unless you put Kim in Vogue"[/caption] There's two options here - either the Kardashians PAID Anna to shoot Kim, knowing the wave of publicity it would create (which sadly, will also be to Anna and Vogue's benefit), or Kanye's been calling her 24 times a day every hour on the hour demanding she includes Kim in the magazine and, exhausted, she finally caved in. Or both. Meanwhile, light a candle tonight before you go to bed - a Kartrashian Konnection has to be the death knell signalling the beginning of the end for Vogue. Kim Kardashian Vogue

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17 Responses to RIP Vogue Magazine: The Kim Kardashian Shoot Is Underway

  1. sarie says:

    This is just so wrong….no Posh but a Kardashian ? Anna must be on drugs.

  2. Kate says:

    But hang on, wasn’t it only recently revealed that mag covers featuring the Kartrashian Klan actually result in a decline in sales of approximately 40% (Stateside, anyway)? I can’t remember where I read that stat (here?) but it was around Xmas time and went on to surmise it’s relation to Kartrash-fatigue.

    Is Vogue that desperate that it’ll risk going to the bargain bin with Cheryl Cole’s memoirs?

    • Jen Paul says:

      A good point Kate. The tabs with the Kartrash klan on them have all been selling badly. But what I was thinking is maybe Kanye’s bullied Anna so much that the PR furore a Kim cover or spread would create might tempt her. Difficult to know. We’ve got her email but I’m a bit scared to reach out to her and ask :-/

  3. Mel says:

    Citizen Kanye is determined to prove Kartrash is Fashion

  4. DD says:

    This is ridiculous. She can thank Kanye for that.

  5. interested party says:

    Maybe it’s time Anna hung up her heels…

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  7. James Wanko says:

    If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be plotting my own demise.

    • Jen Paul says:

      Fingers crossed that Jez’s source got mixed up and in fact it was Keeping Up With The Kartrash bags cameras. My gut says Anna’s going to go for this.

  8. Jameson says:

    Damn you Kanye!

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  10. bluejug says:

    what makes this worse is the ‘boring brown is chic’ mantra- in that kim- a far more attractive blonde than say, gwyneth-
    has to shove the brown hair tint on to get anna ‘ partial to blonde hair tint herself’ wanker’s “approval”.
    kim k does not look as good as say, katie holmes as a brunette, I find also kim k retreating to boring-ass-football wives lumpiness in the lower length of the hair- whilst she looks better super straight and blonde- disappointing.

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