Madonna, Gwyneth, Reese & Anne Show Fashion Week How It’s Done

The stars of TV, music and film were out in force in NYC on Monday night to raise funds at the American Songbook charity gala at Lincoln Center honouring talent agent Bryan Lourd - they weren't gonna let those New York Fashion Week bishes take all the limelight. God love her, despite a fierce Calvin Klein get-up, Anne Hathaway didn't have a chance against the powers of Madonna, her cane, and a DSquared2 witch outfit. madonna-anne-hathaway-lg   Gwyneth Paltrow couldn't take down Madge in a twinkly Saint Laurent cool-girl shift and oh-so-trendy ankle boots.


Nothing raises more money and draws more attention to a good cause, like a bunch of professional attention seekers wearing borrowed clothes in the same room.

Check out the gallery for the other attendees Anna Wintour, her shadow Sarah Jessica Parker in a questionable Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Fallon, Daniel Craig, Reese Witherspoon in a safe Valentino, and Alan Cummings wearing the Kristen Stewart 'never really had clean eyes' special.

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11 Responses to Madonna, Gwyneth, Reese & Anne Show Fashion Week How It’s Done

  1. Jen Paul says:

    You know Madge and Anne have been friends for years. i love the idea of them having a bitch off against Reese and GWIIN. Who’d win? maybe that’s why Madge took her crutch – just in case ;)

  2. Ant0scar says:

    I don’t understand why Madonna is currently inhaling fillers and ingesting plumpers, but simultaneously employing a cane. Colour me confused, you old/young paradox…

    • Peggy Guggenheim says:

      I think the cane, like her omnipresent bike gloves, go hand in hand with the work she has had done in order to distract me from noticing.

  3. sarie says:

    The cane is a fashion statement ala Madge…she is just too much

  4. Jameson says:

    Madonna has to stop with that Coven look.

  5. Eartha Katt says:

    What, in the name of Wintour, is SJP wearing?

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