George Clooney Gave A Gigantic Ring To His Fiancé (Then Gave A Photo To The Tabloids)

Wow, just wow. george-clooney-cover-300-1 Close-up photographs of the engagement ring that George Clooney gave Amal Alamuddin have been doing the rounds to all the American weeklies for the best part of last weekend - and they've all been locked in a bidding war. george-clooney-excl-2-600 People won two pictures, both of which look staged, with one of George and Amal drinking champagne and being engaged etc. and another taken directly above her hand showing a close-up of the "ethically mined emerald-cut diamond estimated at 7-plus carats and two tapered baguettes set in platinum", which "Clooney helped design". Vom. All week Clooney's rep's been giving a steady trickle of "says a source" quotes to People magazine which are all about how George has found someone who is "as smart as him". Snickersnort. I checked and, just as I thought, he really is Rosemary Clooney's nephew who got a job on a medical soap and then because of his matinee idol looks went on to star in a series of movies, while she's a very ambitious 36-year-old human rights lawyer. ANYWAY. My question is if this is a real and genuine engagement why did Clooney step down from his role with the UN just days after they announced it and why is it being splashed, with full permission from his team all over the pages of America's People magazine? Reality stars trumpet their engagements all over the pages of celebrity magazines, but higher ranking celebs invariably don't -unless it's for money. George doesn't need the money, so it's something else. This has been a very carefully stage-managed relationship from the start - a photo here, a photo there and then suddenly a safari with paps in tow for accidental-on-purpose shots and now an engagement which we're all fully privy to. I don't believe for one second that George just happened to fall in love and wants everyone to know about it, because not only is she not his type it's just not low-key or naturally evolving enough. This is clearly part of a long-term plan where they'll become a power couple and I'd love to know what the prize is that both of them have their eyes on - because it's as clear as that showy rock on Amal's finger that it's not something simple like ever-lasting love. Perhaps they plan to join forces and go and resolve the conflict in Darfur as a team, before he goes into politics some time in the next decade without voters whispering he's gay. (Which is a shame, but very sadly the number of homophobes in the states who are allowed to vote is still a huge percentage). George Clooney for President or Governor of California? Fark, I'd vote for him if I could. Whatever the plan, campaigning officially started last week. Oh to be a fly on the wall at George and Randy Berger's adjoining villas on the beach in Mexico during the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities. George-Clooney-What

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17 Responses to George Clooney Gave A Gigantic Ring To His Fiancé (Then Gave A Photo To The Tabloids)

  1. Jodie says:

    Yep. Something is fishy with this one. How do you go from Sarah Larson and Elisabetta to this ????

    Strange. And so much more public than Matt Damon and his civilian.

    • Canuck says:

      You know what occured to me? The lawsuit that’s going on against that producer Singer that is likely to out a good part of Hollywood in the process. Personally, if I were Clooney and thought I might be entangled in that, I’d get a high powered lawyer and a respectable girlfriend, stat. Plus, I might resign from things that really mran a lot to me to limit the possible fallout to causes that matter.

      Just saying… and mostly because the hugely public side of this seems very out of character.

  2. Charlie's in Charge says:

    Preach it!

  3. Jameson says:

    Totally agree with your theory.

    He’s also known for his pranks.

  4. sarie says:

    He was on Roseanne also….he bounced around until he hit it on ER and became a chick-magnet. His aunt had some really funny stories about him, he lived with her when he first came to L.A.
    Nice right but I would have gone with an emerald.

  5. Payal says:

    I don’t think you will find a uppity, obnoxious, self loving annoying pair than these two.

  6. interested party says:

    House of Cards anyone??

  7. interested party says:

    …oops, meant game

  8. Anonymous@748 says:

    State politics? LOL! I don’t THINK so.

    Maybe national politics but George would never lower himself to be a “mere” governor or even a simple congressman. Maybe senator.

    Whatever is going on with his relationship I doubt George is at all interested in political office. In truth it is an awful lot of hard work and limited horizons. It eats up literally all your time. I think he likes his lovely life pretty much as it is.

  9. twiggy twiggy says:

    I’m calling it now: one day, she may become U.N. Secretary General.

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