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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Look Incredibly Sheepish After Dinner With Anna Wintour

Kim Kartrashian decided to wear her extra big granny knickers (to hold the farts of fear in) and a see-thru lace dress for dinner with Anna Wintour at the Waverly Inn in New York the other night. This is the … Continue reading

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Naomi Campbell Laughed Hysterically At The Kimye Vogue Cover

THIS is the best thing that has happened to me and that I’ve seen on my travels through celebsville all week. Naomi Campbell reacted to the Kimye Vogue cover in the same way that we all did. When asked about … Continue reading

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Anna Wintour Discusses Her Reasons For Killing Vogue With Kimye

Please let me wake up from the terrible dream I’m having where I was sitting about one Friday afternoon and ANNA WINTOUR jumped the shark and PUT KIM KARDASHIAN ON AND IN HER MAGAZINE. And worse – the 64-year-old Vogue … Continue reading

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It Happened: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are On The Cover Of Vogue!

WHAT THE FORK? This is real you guys. Kim Kartrashian is on the cover of April’s Vogue with Kanye West and they appear in a spread inside the publication in a series of wedding-style portraits shot by Annie Leibovitz. And, they … Continue reading

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Nuclear Wintour: Anna Way The Wind Blows

Speaking of Vogue, we all know how immaculately the Nuclear Wintour geometric bob is maintained – and has been since she was 14-years old. Not only does she have it professionally blow-dried every morning, but apparently, she flies back to … Continue reading

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Did Anna Wintour Snub Giorgio Armani Because She’s Plotting Her Met Gala Outfit With Burberry?

Earlier this week Anna Wintour hoped that if she sent along a skinny chick in a bobbed wig and huge shades to act as her rep at Giorgio Armani’s F/W ’14 RTW show in Milan on Monday that he wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Handbags At Dawn: Giorgio Armani Threatens Anna Wintour

OOF. Well it’s safe to say it’s been a terrible week for Anna Wintour, so awful in fact she may even allow herself to eat a raisin tonight instead of her usual glass of sub-zero temperature air. As well as … Continue reading

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What DID Bradley Cooper Say To Anna Wintour To Make Her Lose Her Cool?

Bradley Cooper successfully thawed Nuclear Wintour in the front row at the Burberry show during London Fashion Week this afternoon and I’m dying to know what he said to the normally stony-faced Vogue editor to make her giggle so girlishly. … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Anna Wintour Sits Front Row With Kendall Jenner

Oh dear, poor old Anna Wintour. As well as battling constant rumours that Kim Kardashian’s ever-expanding arse and lip implants will soon be splattered all over the front cover of Vogue, the elderly Editrix found herself sitting next to the … Continue reading

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Madonna, Gwyneth, Reese & Anne Show Fashion Week How It’s Done

The stars of TV, music and film were out in force in NYC on Monday night to raise funds at the American Songbook charity gala at Lincoln Center honouring talent agent Bryan Lourd – they weren’t gonna let those New York … Continue reading

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RIP Vogue Magazine: The Kim Kardashian Shoot Is Underway

Kanye West has finally persuaded Anna Wintour to allow Kim Kardashian to appear in Vogue. (I’ll wait while your jaw hits the floor). According to Jezebel.com (who recently got hold of Lena Dunham’s unphotoshopped Vogue photographs), they’re shooting in Los … Continue reading

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Kanye West and Riccardo Tisci Want Anna Wintour to Put Kim Kardashian on the Cover of Vogue

Kanye West spent time with the real love of his life last night – Riccardo Tisci. The pair are in Paris for Haute Couture week, and no doubt met up for dinner last night to have a laugh over what … Continue reading

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Hold Up, Did Vogue REALLY Chop Off Lena Dunham’s Arm and Photoshop Her Thinner?

Oh no. After deciding that they’d done a fairly decent job with Lena Dunham on the February issue cover, after a quick flick through the gallery of photos that appear inside the magazine on their website, I’ve just realised that … Continue reading

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Is Anna Wintour Renaming The Met Gala?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute is renaming it’s exhibition complex, the ‘Anna Wintour Costume Center’ when it reopens in May 2014. According to the Telegraph: Wintour’s moniker is now attached to the venue’s exhibition galleries, library, conservation laboratory, … Continue reading

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Video: Anna Wintour’s Fashion Reality Show Is About To Be A Thing

This is brilliant. Every year 50 talented young designers compete to win the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competition. And this year we can watch the process over six one-hour shows – which will air on television as of January 22nd. Featuring heavily … Continue reading

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Which Designer Has the Power to Make Anna Wintour Change Her Shoes?

Would you just look at these two old dames doing the sharpened-elbow dual-at-dusk. Anna Wintour and Diane Von Furstenberg were among the attendees at the CFDA and Vogue 2013 Fashion Fund Finalists shindig in New York last night – both working the evening … Continue reading

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Who Has the Courage Tell Anna Wintour to Give Up the Granny Sandals?

I’m not going to directly address Anna Wintour (I’m told you’re not even allowed to look directly at her unless you are wearing this, or next season high end designer clobber head-to-toe), but I will talk around her feet, where … Continue reading

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New York Fashion Week: The Devil Wears a Grin – Anna Wintour Smiling All Over NYC

Maybe it’s the flirty take on classics and oodles of colour for Spring 2014, or the comical presence of Justin Bieber in the front rows, or sitting next to Harper Beckham AND Russell Westbrook in one weekend, or the US … Continue reading

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Anna Wintour Has a Change of a Dress (But Little Else) at ‘The Butler’ Premiere

OF COURSE Anna Wintour wore custom Dior for the New York premiere of The Butler the other night. Raf Simons is churning out silhouettes, textures and applique of a genius mind, but the Dragon Lady goes for a stunning one-off … Continue reading

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“Cocaine” Kate Moss Says She “Never” Did Heroin, (Presumably She Just Watched While Pete Doherty Did It)…

Kate Moss has breezed along in a puff of cigarette smoke and vodka fumes to tell us a few stories as is her wont. The 39-year-old not-so Supermodel tells Allure that she’s never taken heroin and despite once declaring that … Continue reading

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The Week That Was – ‘Daughters’: A Wintour Bee

A round-up of some of the week’s stories that kept us awake at night, posted throughout the day… Do you remember that episode of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ when Patsy was on a talk show and was supposed to be waxing lyrical … Continue reading

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Anna Wintour’s Sly Smile After Naming The Kimye Baby ‘North West’…

Here’s the woman that controls the fashion industry – Anna Wintour- trotting around New York over the weekend in an ill-advised sleeveless dress that positively screams ‘bingo wings’ with her usual Floridian wife-swapper OAP pan-stick coloured sandals and Myra Hindley-style … Continue reading

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Punk’d By The Fash Pack: It Was Anna Wintour’s Idea To Call Kimye’s Baby North West

This is amazing. Remember when Anna Wintour and Riccardo Tisci ganged up on Kim Kardashian and made her wear a sofa to the Met Gala, telling her Mean Girls style that she looked great and then licking their fingers and … Continue reading

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Dedicated Followers of Fashion: Stella’s Stellar Guest-List Get Their McWankney Gimmick On

The stars came out to shine (or closest version when you’re paid to wear Stella McCartney’s duds) for the British designer’s Spring 2014 (resort) presentation in New York city on Monday night. The usual McWankney touch was employed with vintage … Continue reading

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